ST115C Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer High Precision Titration System

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name shengtai Instrument
Model Number ST115C
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price 98000
Payment Terms T/T

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Product Description

ST115C automatic kjeldahl instrument adopts the international standard kjeldahl method to judge the end point of color. It is widely used to analyze the nitrogen content of diversified samples (food, oil crops, feed, fertilizer, seeds, dairy products, beverages, soil, etc.). The instrument adopts four independent imported metering pumps to realize efficient and accurate automatic liquid filling.
Distillation, separation, condensation, titration calculation, results printing.
Product features
1. The instrument is made of ABS engineering plastics, waterproof, anti-electric and anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant
2. The pipeline system adopts all imported corrosion-resistant pipelines and pipe fittings to ensure that there is no leakage in the instrument pipeline system
3. 7.5-inch true color touch screen, Siemens CPU control platform, bilingual man-machine dialogue in Chinese and English, easy to understand and easy to operate.
4. The liquid supply method adopts the original anti-corrosion metering pump from Germany, with reliable and accurate performance
5. Built-in 110mm wide line printer can realize the printing and output function of measurement data
6. Millions of batches of data are stored, which can be queried and printed at will
7. High precision titration system, up to 0.5 uL/ step, accurate and reliable results
8. Unique program-controlled heating mode can reduce the time spent in analysis and improve work efficiency
9, intelligent cooling water control system, real-time monitoring of cooling water temperature, water pressure and flow
10. Heating system -- SSR heating control relay;
Silent operation, strong overload capacity.
11. Automatic cleaning titration cup procedure -- to prevent the influence of non-neutral residual liquid in titration cup on low content and blank samples, so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of the system.
12. Automatic dilution function to prevent overreaction of strong acid and base -- before adding alkali, add an appropriate amount of distilled water to dilute the sample of strong acid, so as to prevent strong acid from reacting strongly to strong base.
13. All-round security protection system:
, leakage protection: when there is a leakage or the operator accidentally electric shock, the system will cut off the power supply to stop power supply, to ensure the safety of the operator;
, the interval type of adding alkali - the process of adding alkali is not an instant addition, but the interval type of adding, can appropriately reduce the acid, alkali too strong reaction.
. Protection of the vacuum of the boiled tube -- the system will not work when the boiled tube is not put in.
(4) safety door absence protection -- when the safety door is not pulled down, the system is not heated to ensure the safety of operators in the distillation process.
Overtemperature and overpressure protection of the steam system -- to prevent the danger caused by excessively high pressure of the steam system.
6. Steam cylinder automatic water replenishment function -- when the steam generator is short of water or water level is insufficient, the system will automatically water replenishment to avoid dry burning.
7, pre-water mode -- before adding lye first add a certain amount of water, dilute concentrated sulfuric acid in the digestive tube, can reduce acid, alkali violent reaction.
(8). Safety mode -- heat the sample properly before adding alkali, so as to prevent the strong reaction of acid and alkali.
Product parameters
1. Working process: sample dilution, lye and absorption liquid quantitative injection, distillation, titration, printing and liquid discharge are completed automatically
2. Measurement range: 0.1-200mgn
3. Sample quantity: solid: ≤5g;
Liquid: 25 ml or less
4. Recovery rate: ≥99.5%
5. Precision (RSD) : ≤1% (30mgN);
0.1 mol/L H +)
6. Titration accuracy: 1 uL/ step
7. Distillation volume: ≈110mL
8. Amount of absorbent added: 0-50ml
9. Amount of lye added: 0-99ml
10. Water content of the boiled tube: 0-50ml
11. Titration cup volume: 220mL
12. Cooling water consumption: 1-3l /min, lower than 25℃
13. Analysis time: 4-7min/ sample
14. Operation mode: automatic analysis
15. Printing function: 110mm wide line printer
16. Discharge method of titrant liquid waste: automatic discharge by self-priming pump
17. Calibration method of titrate concentration: manual input