Solution for automatic freezing point determination of snowmelt agent

October 24, 2020

Snow melt agent, as the name suggests: is the agent that can reduce the melting temperature of snow and ice, is a chemical.
Common snow melt agent raw material is easy to obtain, the price is low, its composition is mainly potassium acetate and chlorine salt, and by these two kinds of classification.
By reducing the melting temperature of snow and ice to melt the snow on the road, it is easy to dredge the road, and the seeding place has obvious effect, but it is harmful. The study found that the residue of snow melting agent can corrode the road surface and rubber tires of cars.
At present, in the north, sand and snow plows are still used as the main means, and snow melt agent is used as a supplement to clear the road surface of snow and ice, to ensure smooth traffic.
The freezing point of snow melt agent is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of snow melt agent. The freezing point of snow melt agent can be measured by SH128 automatic freezing point tester or SH128C automatic jet fuel freezing point tester. The freezing point is the temperature at which the coolant begins to crystallize without supercooling.
Or, in the case of supercooling, the maximum temperature at which the coolant initially crystallizes and then rises rapidly.
Apparatus needed for experiment
1. SH128 automatic freezing point tester, designed with embedded system, automatic detection throughout the test process;
Color touch screen;
The test results can be stored;
You can view the historical data;
The results can be printed on the instrument and automatically stirred mechanically. The experimental results can be exported through the USB flash disk. After being stored in the computer, the experimental results can be compared for many times.
2, alcohol,
3. Sht0090-1991 engine coolant freezing point measurement is in conformity with the standard



Experimental steps:
1. After unpacking the instrument, please count the accessories according to the packing list. If there is any damage, please contact our company.

2. The instrument should be handled vertically. The tilt Angle should not exceed 30 degrees along the height of the instrument.

3. Check the alcohol level in the cold margin tank to ensure that the alcohol level should exceed the refrigeration circuit in the cold margin. When the alcohol is insufficient, be sure to add enough alcohol first and then conduct the experiment.

4. Connect the power supply of the instrument to the socket with a capacity of 220V/10A or above, and pay attention to having a good grounding wire.

5. Take out 75 ~ 100ml samples with measuring cylinder and put them into cooling bottle.

6. Place the cooling bottle in the coolant and plug the stopper tightly.


7. Adjust the proper position of the test-tube stirring motor, so that the upper part of the motor does not expose the sample liquid level when stirring, and lower it to the bottom of the cooling tube.

8. Turn on the power and click the touch screen to enter the main control interface.

9. Set the expected freezing point and sample number.

10. If the machine is opened for the first time or has not been used for a long time, it is necessary to conduct self-check when it is opened again. It is suggested that users enter the system interface for self-check.

11. After all the preparation work is finished, click the start button to carry out the test. During the test, the system will automatically detect the freezing point, and give a beeping prompt after the test.

12. The test operation is mainly completed on the touch screen. The specific operation steps are shown in the next chapter.

13. At the end of the test, the compressor should be shut down in the self-test system.
The heating system is automatically turned on for heating. When the cold margin temperature rises to room temperature, the heating system is automatically turned off, and the coolant turns to liquid.

14. Take out the coolant and recover the tested coolant.

15. Turn off the power of the instrument and unplug it.

16. Please see the detailed operation manual for the operation diagram of the touch screen.

This instrument is a low temperature and precision testing instrument.
Please read the manual carefully before use, and operate carefully to prevent accidents!