What is the crystallization point of pure benzene? With what tests?

February 24, 2021
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Crystallization point is one of the important physical constants of a substance. The crystallization point of a pure substance is fixed, but the crystallization point decreases if it contains impurities. Therefore, the purity of a substance can be judged by measuring the crystallization point.
The crystallization point of pure benzene is 5.53℃.
The average crystallization point of coking benzene in a factory is 4.84℃, which indicates that the impurity content of coking benzene is high.
The coking benzene sample was taken for chromatographic composition analysis, and the analysis results were shown in the figure below.
The content of pure benzene is 98.16%, and the content of impurity is 1.84%, with more than 13 kinds of impurity.
SH406B automatic crystal point tester (developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., Ltd.) is applicable to the standard GB/T3145-1982 benzene crystal point determination, GB/T 3069.2-2005 naphthalene crystal point determination, GB/T 3710-2009 industrial phenol, phenol crystal point determination, GB/ T7333-1993-2005 organic chemical products crystal point determination, GB/T618-2006 chemical reagent crystal point determination.
Plasticizers -- Determination of crystallinity point
(benzene crystallization point meter, phenol crystallization point meter, phenol crystallization point meter, freezing point meter, plasticizer crystallization point meter)
II. Compliance with standards:
1. Upgrade to 7-inch TFT color LCD display;
2. Refrigeration mode: fully enclosed and efficient refrigeration compressor.
3. Number of experimental groups: 1 group (2 groups can be customized).
4, detection mode: imported PT100 temperature sensor
5, after the upgrade can store historical data, convenient query;
At the same time can be equipped with U disk output function.
6, standard micro printer automatic measurement automatic printing
7. After the completion of the test, if there is no human operation, set the automatic closing time of the refrigerator within 0-50min to avoid frequent opening of the compressor and prolong the service life of the instrument.
8, Include laser printer interface, can be linked to HP1108 laser printer (optional).
9, with date password setting function.
10, standard micro printer automatic measurement automatic thermal printing
11, with TCP network transmission function
12. Can upload and connect to LIMIS system
Technical parameters
1, working power supply: AC220V±10%;
50 hz.
2, working cold tank: double vacuum glass bath.
3, cold tank temperature control: +80℃ ~ -10℃.
4, temperature control accuracy: ±0.01℃.

5, Bath liquid mixing: automatic stirring motor, power 6W, 1200r/min.
6, refrigeration system: new refrigeration compressor.
7, sample mixing: synchronous reducer motor, 60 times/min.
8. Ambient temperature: ≤30℃.

9, relative humidity: ≤85%.
10. Power consumption of the whole machine: about 1500W.