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company news about Automatic determination solution for freezing point of foam fire extinguishing agent

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Automatic determination solution for freezing point of foam fire extinguishing agent
Latest company news about Automatic determination solution for freezing point of foam fire extinguishing agent

Foam extinguishing agent is an effective extinguishing agent for flammable and flammable liquids. It mainly generates condensed foam floating layer on the surface of the liquid, which plays the role of asphyxiation and cooling.
Foam extinguishing agent can be divided into chemical foam, air foam, fluorine protein foam, water film forming foam and anti-soluble foam.
Foam extinguishing agent is a kind of fire extinguishing agent which is miscible with water and produces foam through mechanical action or chemical reaction.
Foam extinguishing agent is generally composed of foaming agent, foam stabilizer, viscosity reducer, antifreeze agent, cosolvent, preservative and water.
It is mainly used to extinguish insoluble flammable liquid and general solid fire.
Special foam extinguishing agent can also extinguish water soluble flammable liquid fire
Foam extinguishing agent automatic foam extinguishing agent can be used for determination of the freezing point of the tester to determine freezing point, automatic foam extinguishing agent SH113E freezing point tester according to the standard of the People's Republic of China "GB15308-2006 foam extinguishing agent, the design and manufacture, using multiple single chip of master control parts, automatic cooling, automatic constant temperature, automatic detection, and automatically print experimental results required equipment
1. Automatic foam fire extinguishing agent freezing point tester, developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., Ltd.
2. Freeze point test tube conforming to GB/T15308.

Experimental steps:
First, preparation work
1. After the instrument is unpacked, please count the accessories according to the packing list. If there is any damage, please contact our company.
2. The instrument should be carried vertically, and the tilt Angle along the height of the instrument should not exceed 30 degrees. It should be placed in a dark place and placed smoothly, otherwise there will be vibration after the start of the instrument, which will affect the service life of the instrument.
3, the instrument power supply is connected to the capacity of more than 220V/10A socket, pay attention to must have a good grounding wire.
Second, the experimental process
1. Determination of freezing point: put the rubber plug with the sensor and detector on the test tube, and put the freezing point tube into the freezing point cold filter point bath.
2. Click on the condensation point measurement to enter the interface of condensation point measurement.

3. The main interface of solidification point measurement is shown in the figure above.
The four buttons above are main interface, parameter setting, system setting and historical data respectively.
The main display area is the trend chart of the temperature of the sample over time, which can show the temperature value of the sample and metal bath. The right display area will show the specific value, and the lower part is the experimental results of the expected freezing point and test tube.
In the lower right corner are the start button, tilt button, and close button.
4. After all the preparation work is done, click the "Start" button to carry out the test. During the test, the system will automatically detect the freezing point.

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