The unit of kinematic viscosity of heavy oil? And measuring the viscosity of heavy oil?

March 3, 2021
Latest company news about The unit of kinematic viscosity of heavy oil? And measuring the viscosity of heavy oil?
A lot of times we see a lot of fuel oil with a 180cst or 380cst, the value after this is often referred to as the fuel oil (heavy oil) viscosity, CST is the viscosity unit.
Viscosity is a characteristic of all oil with fluidity, which reflects the interaction force between molecules in the process of oil movement. The greater the interaction force, the greater the viscosity and the worse the fluidity.
Of course, fuel oil fluidity is not entirely dependent on the viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil), it is also related to the pour point of the fuel oil.
The viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil) is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the better the fluidity of the oil and the smaller the viscosity.
Therefore, the viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil) generally refers to the viscosity at a specific temperature.
There are many methods for measuring the viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil).
Now more and more countries are using a high accuracy, determination speed, less samples of the test method - kinematic viscosity, that is, in line with the GB/T11137 dark oil kinematic viscosity measurement and GB/T265 oil kinematic viscosity product viscosity method.
SH112H automatic countercurrent kinematic viscosity tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the standard GB/T11137 "kinematic viscosity method of dark petroleum products" and SY2409 kinematic viscosity measurement method of dark petroleum products of the People's Republic of China. It is suitable for the determination of dark petroleum products and heavy oil.
Meet the standard: GB/T11137
Testing products: heavy oil, crude oil, dark oil and other petroleum products
Test results: automatic print out results automatically
Main technical features
1. Large color touch screen display.
2. Adopt 32-bit microprocessor as the control core.
3. The main parts and electronic components of the instrument are imported with good stability.
4. The instrument has automatic timing function, automatic calculation, automatic printing, automatic cleaning, automatic drying, automatic U disk output and other functions.
5. Fast and stable temperature control, heating rate >
5 ℃ / min.
6. Equipped with LED soft light, uniform filling light, easy to observe.
7. With viscometer parameter storage function.
★9, with date password setting function.
★11, with TCP network transmission function
★12, can be uploaded and connected to LIMIS system
★13, can expand the memory to 16G microcomputer.
II. Main technical indexes and parameters
1, Working viscometer: Cannon-Fenske capillary tube, in line with GB/T11137 standard requirements.
2. Quantity measured: 2 groups.
3. Temperature range: room temperature -150℃
4, temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃.
5, measuring accuracy: ±0.1 seconds
6. Maximum timing time: 999.9 seconds.
7, viscosity measurement range: 0.4-20000mm2/s
8, working power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz.
9, maximum power: 2000W.
10, ambient temperature: (0 ~ 40)℃.