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company news about Standard for light diesel distillate range and test method

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Standard for light diesel distillate range and test method
Latest company news about Standard for light diesel distillate range and test method
Distillation temperature of 50% : indicates the content of light fraction in diesel oil. If the temperature is low, the fraction is light, the evaporation and combustion speed are fast, and the engine is easy to start.
Too light a diesel fraction is also detrimental to combustion.
Because the light fraction of diesel fuel has a low cetane value, a long ignition retardation period, and is easy to evaporate, it is easy to produce detonation when firing.
90% distillate temperature: denote the content of heavy fraction, this temperature is high, heavy fraction is more, spray atomization is poor, evaporation is slow, combustion is incomplete, thermal decomposition occurs at high temperature and generate carbon deposit, so that the exhaust with black smoke, increase oil consumption, and increase mechanical wear.
SH6536 automatic distillation tester adopts color liquid crystal display screen, Chinese menu man-machine dialogue, guide operation, the measurement process is fully automated.
It is designed according to the national standard GB/T6536 "Determination of Distillation of Petroleum Products" and ASTMD 86. It adopts embedded computer, imported IPC, 12.1 inch large LCD touch screen, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, convenient test and operation.
Using single chip microcomputer and intelligent control technology, the heating and cooling of distillation test process, distillate liquid level tracking, distillation rate control, recovery liquid volume control, temperature recording, test results printing, etc., are all automatically completed.
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