The instrument structure of SD262B automatic aniline point tester

September 7, 2020

SD262B automatic aniline point meter co., LTD. (shandong shengtai instrument research and development production) is based on the law of the People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 262 "petroleum products and aniline point hydrocarbon solvents and mixed aniline point determination method" and the reference test method of American standard ASTM D611 requirements design and manufacture of the instrument is suitable for the determination of oil products and aniline point of hydrocarbon solvent, and when the sample aniline point below the crystallization temperature of aniline - aniline mixture samples mixed aniline point of the product.

The specified volume of aniline and sample or aniline and sample plus n-heptane was placed in a test tube and the mixture was stirred.

Heat the mixture at a controlled rate until the two phases in the mixture are completely miscible.

Then the mixture was cooled at a controlled rate and the temperature of the two phases of the mixture was recorded as the points of the sample or the mixed aniline.

Instrument structure

SD262B automatic aniline point tester is mainly composed of electronic control instrument box and aniline point tester.

There are switch power supply, main control circuit board, temperature control module, solid state relay, LCD touch screen, printer and other components in the electric control instrument box.

The aniline point detection kit is located above the electronic control instrument box and consists of a pair of optoelectronic sensors, aniline point test tube, flexible shaft stirring motor, electric heating rod and temperature sensor.