SH105D low temperature balance closed flash point instrument operating procedure

September 2, 2020

1. Turn on the cooling cycle.

2. Put the lid on the cup.

3. Turn on the gas adjusting knob to light the test flame and adjust the flame into a ball with a diameter of 3.5±0.5mm.

4. After the instrument reaches the preset temperature and gives an alarm, the 2ml sample is absorbed with a dry and clean syringe, and the sample is quickly injected into the groove of the sample through the feeding hole, taking care not to cause any loss of the sample;

Pull out the syringe and the instrument will start timing automatically.

5. After the automatic countdown of the instrument for 60s, the skateboard should be opened immediately, and the flame nozzle should be extended and removed to complete an ignition test with a time of 2.5±0.5s. Meanwhile, the flash fire of the skateboard from opening to closing should be observed.

6. If there is no flash fire, repeat the above process as required by the test method until the flash fire occurs;

The instrument automatically detects and prints the result after the flash fire.

The experiment ended.

SH105D balance method low-temperature closed flash point meter is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 5208 fast Balanced Closed Cup Method for The Determination of Flash Points.

The instrument also meets the requirements of ISO 1523 and ISO 3679.

This instrument takes the advanced electronic temperature control instrument as the core, is equipped with the appropriate interface circuit, realizes the temperature control automation, has the heating power automatic switch, the temperature automatic control and so on function.

With simple operation, reasonable structure, accurate detection, stable performance and intuitive display, this instrument is an ideal substitute for imported instruments, and can meet the requirements of petroleum, chemical, coating, paint, railway, aviation, electric power, commodity inspection and scientific research units for quick test of closed flash point of petroleum products.

This instrument is especially suitable for testing the flash point of all kinds of color paints, paints, adhesives, solvents, petroleum and related products in the range of -30℃ ~ +100℃.


Main technical indicators and parameters

Upgrade to a 7-inch touch color screen display

2. Flash point detection range: (-30 ~ +100)℃;

3. Precision measurement: the absolute difference between the two experimental results is less than 2℃ (by the same operator);

The absolute difference between the two experimental results is less than 3℃ (different operators);

4. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃;

5. Ignition device: Electronic ignition device;

6. Refrigeration mode: semiconductor internal refrigeration and external compressor refrigeration cycle

★7. After upgrade, 199 sets of historical data can be stored for easy query;

At the same time can be optional with U disk output function

★8. Laser printer interface, HP1108 laser printer (optional)

★9, with the classification of password setting function (optional).

10, standard micro printer automatic measurement automatic thermal printing

10. Conforming to the standard: conforming to the Chinese standard GB/T5208-2008, GB5207, GB7634, GB/T21790

11. Power supply voltage: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz;

12. Machine power consumption: no more than 300W

13. Ambient temperature: 5℃ ~ 30℃;


14. Relative humidity: (30 ~ 80)%.