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Eggshell strength determination
Latest company news about Eggshell strength determination

Eggshell strength determination

latest company news about Eggshell strength determination  0


The strength of egg shell is regarded as an important index to measure the quality of egg.
The study of eggshell strength is of great significance for reducing the breakage rate, packaging, transportation, hatching and edible safety of eggs.
Eggshell strength is an important index to reflect the resistance to breakage and the compactness and firmness of eggshell. It is closely related to the thickness of eggshell, the porosity of eggshell, the thickness of eggshell membrane, the mineral content of eggshell and the protein matrix.
Eggshell strength is influenced by heredity, nutrition, age, disease, feeding management, environment and other factors.
Eggshell intensity measurement detection is ST120H automatic eggshell strength tester is used to determine, is using modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing technology to elaborate the reasonable design of a new type of intelligent test instrument has high precision, advanced components, fittings, single chip microcomputer, reasonable structure and multifunctional design, configuration of liquid crystal display in Chinese,
With a variety of parameters included in the standard test, conversion, adjustment, display, memory, printing and other functions.
Eggshell Strength Tester is an important indicator to measure the Eggshell quality of chickens, geese and ducks.
The eggshell strength is closely related to the hatching rate, hatching rate, seedling quality and fresh egg yield of commercial laying hens.
Hard shell eggs rarely break, can preserve their nutritional value for a long time and have good commercial properties.
Eggshell quality decline, the economic loss to many chicken farms is quite serious.
The eggshell strength is closely related to breed, heredity and diet of breeders.
It is particularly important to correctly grasp the relative indexes of eggshell strength.
Shandong Shengtai instrument production of eggshell strength tester simple operation, rapid and accurate measurement, egg quality analysis and livestock breeding to provide direct data, is a large chicken farm, food processing plants and scientific research institutions to test the quality of egg indicators of choice.
Principle: The egg is fixed and placed vertically between the upper and lower measuring surfaces. The measuring surfaces move relative to each other at a certain speed, and the egg is crushed.
The force required by the egg crushing process is measured by a sensor, and recorded and displayed.

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