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Dimethyl sulfoxide crystal point tester
Latest company news about Dimethyl sulfoxide crystal point tester

Dimethyl sulfoxide crystal point tester

latest company news about Dimethyl sulfoxide crystal point tester  0

Abstract: Properties of dimethyl sulfoxide: a transparent, colorless, odorless, slightly bitter liquid, very low toxicity.

It is a water-soluble compound that dissolves most organic compounds, even inorganic salts.
Dimethyl sulfoxide in liquid form is highly associative.
Polar solvents have strong water absorption and permeability to the body.
Pure product has no corrosion to metal, water content has slight corrosion to iron, zinc and copper.
It is stable in nature and can inhibit corrosion or decomposition in alkaline state after long time heating and micro-decomposition at boiling temperature.
Crystallization point of dimethyl sulfoxide was determined according to GB/T7533 standard method for determination of crystallization point of organic chemical products. Crystallization point of anhydrous grade - DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) required ℃ :
≥ 18.35, so anhydride level of dimethyl sulfoxide crystallization point tester needs to use a high-precision crystallization point tester to detect, the measurement accuracy must reach 0.01 degrees, ST406B automatic crystallization point determination meaning fully meet the standards and accuracy requirements.
SH406B automatic benzene crystallization point tester in strict accordance with GB/T7533-1993-2005 organic chemical products crystallization point determination design and manufacture, the use of embedded system design, the whole process of automatic test detection;
Adopt imported PT100 sensor and imported temperature control system.
Color touch screen;
The test results can be stored;
You can view historical data;
Printing results on the instrument, mechanical automatic mixing, experimental results can be exported through the U disk, stored in the computer can be compared for many times

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