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Concrete pressure testing machine
Latest company news about Concrete pressure testing machine

The testing machine is used to determine the compressive strength of brick, stone, concrete and other building materials
This machine is used for electrohydraulic loading, force measurement by sensor, computer operation, printer printing force value data, and conversion of compressive strength.
The testing machine load standard "ordinary concrete mechanical performance test method standard", automatic loading speed, loading method program control, so that the measurement results are accurate.
It has the function of loading speed, peak value keeping and overload protection. It is the test and testing equipment for construction, building materials, highway and bridge engineering units.
Second, the structure of
The testing machine is mainly composed of body, oil source, computer, servo valve, data acquisition software, sensors and other parts.
Three, parameters,
Specifications: HNT-2000S HNT-3000S
Load (kN) 2000 3000
The relative error of the test force is ±1 %
Column spacing (mm) 290 320
Distance between pressure plates (mm) 340 500
Up and down pressure plate size (mm) 250*220 300*300
Piston diameter * stroke (mm) Φ 250*50 Φ 290*50
Motor power (KW) 0.75 1.1
Input voltage 380V 380
Overall dimension (mm) 1000*500*1300 1100*500*1300
Packing size (mm) 1140*550*1610 1220*560*1520
Net weight (kg) 850 1050

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