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Automatic test solution for flash point of lubricating oil

Flash point is an indicator of the evaporability of oil.
The lighter the fraction, the greater the evaporability and the lower the flash point.
On the contrary, the heavier the fraction of oil, the less evaporation and the higher the flash point.
At the same time, flash point is the index of ignition risk of petroleum products.
The danger level of oil products is divided according to the flash point. The flash point below 45℃ is flammable and the above 45℃ is combustible. It is forbidden to heat oil products to its flash point temperature during the storage and transportation of oil products.
With the same viscosity, the higher the flash point, the better.
Therefore, users should choose lubricants according to the use of temperature and working conditions of lubricants.
It is generally believed that the flash point is 20~30℃ higher than the use temperature, it can be used safely.

SH106B automatic open flash point tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the PRC standard GB/T 3536 "Flash point and Ignition Point Determination method for Petroleum Products (Cleveland Open Cup Method)".
The instrument is heated according to the standard method, automatic lifting, automatic ventilation, automatic ignition, automatic display, automatic locking flash point value, automatic printing results.
After the completion of the test can be automatically cooled, the work process to achieve full automation.
It has the advantages of accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable performance and simple operation.
Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, commodity inspection, scientific research and other departments.
Comply with ISO - 2719,GB3536 standard.

Apparatus needed for experiment
1.SH106B automatic opening flash point tester, developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.
2. Special cup with open flash point

Experimental steps:
Preparation work
1. After unpacking the instrument, please count the accessories according to the packing list. If there is any damage, please contact our company.
2. The instrument should be handled vertically. The tilt Angle should not exceed 30 degrees along the height of the instrument.
3. Connect the power supply of the instrument to the socket with a capacity of 220V/10A or above, and pay attention to having a good grounding wire.
Ii. Experiment process

1. After the power is switched on, the measuring arm of the instrument will lift automatically to display the experimental interface.

Click "Start" and the test arm drops to start the test.
Click "Abort" to stop the test and the test arm rises.
The "Test Conditions" section shows the test setting conditions, including expected flash points, printer switch Settings, test criteria, etc.
The "Test Information" section shows the progress of the test.
In the test interface, click "self-check", "Set", "condition", "record" and other buttons to enter the corresponding functional interface.

2. Self-check interface
This interface can perform self-check operation on all parts of the instrument.
Click "Test arm", and the test arm assembly will rise;
Click again, and the test arm component drops.
Click "igniter" to light the highlight igniter;
Click again to extinguish the ignition.
Click "Stir" to start stirring;
Click again and close the stirring.
Click "Open the lid", start the lid skateboard to run, and automatically return to position.
Click "Printer" to start printer printing self-test. The printer will print simulated test results (not real measurement results) to verify whether the printer is working properly.
During the self-inspection of each component, the corresponding operation information will be displayed below it.


3. Interface setting

From this interface, expected flash point value and atmospheric pressure value can be set: Click "Expected Flash point" or "Change" after "atmospheric pressure" to enter the expected flash point or atmospheric pressure setting interface:
Expected flash point setting

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