Application of roughage in pig farm

September 29, 2020

Roughage is the feed with high crude fiber content.
The feed of herbivorous animals all contains high crude fiber, and its raw materials are mostly corn straw, soybean straw and dried green grass with more than 30% crude fiber ground into powder as the fiber feed source, and they are added in proportion to the formula. The amount of crude fiber added in the formula is calculated strictly.
Corn fiber feed is made of corn straw meal as raw fiber source.
The crude fiber content of feed can be determined by ST116 crude fiber tester (produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.)
Many people think that roughage is a worthless ingredient for pigs, but if we make a detailed analysis of production, we find that roughage has a special effect, which can be confirmed by the fact that free-range sows in rural areas have a longer service life than sows in pig farms. Therefore, we analyze the effect of roughage again:
1. Roughage can provide nutrition: Roughage provides little nutrition for piglets with weak digestion, but for sows with strong digestion, its nutritional effect is obvious;
First sows microbial crude fiber can be broken down into time inside large intestine absorption use volatile fatty acids, the second microbes can use roughage in difficult to digest crude protein into easy digestion and absorption of thalli proteins, the third microbes can also synthesis of water-soluble vitamins, and a variety of vitamins is generally lacking in feed.
2. Roughage can shorten the time for feed to pass through the digestive tract: this can effectively prevent constipation of sows, especially in the late pregnancy;
At the same time, short digestion time, some harmful substances are not easy to accumulate in the intestinal tract, reduce the damage to pigs.
3, roughage can exercise the digestive function of pigs: long-term use of roughage, for its digestive function is a exercise, so that sows have the ability to deal with a variety of feed.
4, feeding roughage, the feed intake of pigs must increase, so that its gastrointestinal volume is larger, conducive to feeding more feed during lactation.
5. Low price of crude fiber: especially for farmers, they can make full use of low price agricultural and sideline products and greatly reduce production costs.
Through the above analysis, the use of roughage in sows is more beneficial than harmful, even if it is an intensive pig farm, even if it is to spend money to buy roughage, from the perspective of health of sows, or cost-effective.
Crude fiber has the following functions: although crude fiber can not provide nutrition to pigs, but it is also indispensable, crude fiber can play a satiety role, both conducive to fecal discharge, especially when the mother limit feeding pregnant sows, crude fiber is indispensable.