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Working principle of automatic kinematic viscosity tester

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Working principle of automatic kinematic viscosity tester

October 19, 2021
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Working principle of automatic kinematic viscosity tester



2. Temperature control system

The temperature control part is composed of constant temperature liquid tank, temperature controller, heater, stirrer and temperature sensor. Constant temperature tank is a transparent glass tank, which is equipped with transformer oil or water as a constant temperature medium. After opening the heating switch, the instrument enters the automatic heating and temperature control working state.


3. Photoelectric viscometer assembly

Photoelectric viscometer assembly includes capillary viscometer, photoelectric sensor, fixed support and sample cup. The Viscosity tube and the sample cup are fixed on a support. A pair of optical fiber sensors are installed on the straight part of the upper and lower outlet of the measuring bubble of the viscosity tube (namely, the upper and lower lines) to detect the liquid level of the sample in the tube.


4. Master controller system

The main controller system consists of single chip microcomputer, printer, main control board, display, digital keyboard, power supply and other parts. They are mounted in a case. The printer is used to print out the report sheet of measurement results. If the print setting of the output report is in the state, otherwise, it will not be printed. SCM is the core part of the whole controller. The start and stop of the instrument, the input of parameters and data, the inspection of the working state of photoelectric signal, and the operation of the whole machine are all carried out under its management.

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