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Principle overview of chemical boiling point tester

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Principle overview of chemical boiling point tester

October 20, 2021
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Principle overview of chemical boiling point tester


The temperature at which the condensing tube begins to drop the first drop of liquid is the initial distillation temperature; The temperature when distillation is close to the end is the final distillation temperature, and the difference between the two temperatures is the boiling range

For crystal, the more pure the material, back to its melting range, boiling range is shorter, pure liquid compounds in the distillation process boiling range is very small (0.5~1℃), and the mixture has no fixed boiling point, or the mixture of boiling range is larger, such as gasoline boiling range of 40~150℃. For crystal samples, melting and boiling range can be qualitatively used as the criteria of material purity.


SH6536 automatic distillation range analyzer technical parameters


Technical parameters

Temperature range: room temperature ~ +400°C accuracy ±0.1°C.

Temperature sensor: Pt 100 glass probe imported from Germany, built-in temperature correction, reliable detection results.

Heating mode: silicon nitride heating system, maximum heating power 1200 W.

Refrigeration mode: Germany imported Danvers compressor refrigeration.

Liquid level detection: far infrared photoelectric detection.

Display: Embedded 10 inch industrial color touch screen.

The sensor; Import PT1000

Temperature correction: automatic correction, programmable correction.

Data store: 100 sets of test results.

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz.

Maximum power: 1500 W

Ambient temperature: 10 ~ 40℃

Storage ambient temperature: 0 to 50 ° C

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