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SH128 Automatic freezing point tester

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SH128 Automatic freezing point tester

March 25, 2022
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SH128 Automatic freezing point tester


Snowmelt, as its name suggests, is a chemical that reduces the temperature at which snow and ice melt. The common snow melt agent is easy to obtain and cheap, and its main ingredients are potassium acetate and chloride salt, which are classified by these two. The snow melt agent melts the snow on the road by reducing the melting temperature of snow and ice, which is easy to dredge the road. The effect is obvious at the sowing place, but it is harmful. Studies have found that the residue of snow melt agent can corrode the road surface and rubber tires of cars. At present, in the northern winter, sand and snow shovel are still used as the main way, supplemented by snow melt agent to clear snow and ice on the road, to ensure smooth traffic.
The freezing point of the snowmelt agent is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the snowmelt agent. The freezing point of the snowmelt agent can be determined by SH128 automatic freezing point tester or SH128C automatic jet coal freezing point tester. The freezing point is: the temperature at which the coolant begins to crystallize without undercooling; Or in the case of supercooling, the coolant initially crystallizes and quickly rises to the highest temperature reached.
Instrument for experiment
1, SH128 automatic freezing point tester, using embedded system design, automatic detection of the whole process of the test; Color touch screen; The test results can be stored; You can view historical data; The results can be printed on the instrument and automatically stirred by the machine. The experimental results can be exported through the U disk and stored in the computer for many times.
2, alcohol,
3, the standard is SHT0090-1991 engine coolant freezing point determination method

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