Polyethylene glycol - Determination of kinematic viscosity

December 16, 2021
Latest company case about Polyethylene glycol - Determination of kinematic viscosity

Polyethylene glycol - Determination of kinematic viscosity


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The standard method of viscosity measurement according to the standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia in 2020 is as follows:

The viscosity of the product was 25.0g, placed in a 50ml measuring bottle, dissolved in water and diluted to scale, shaken well, and measured by law with a flat viscosimeter with an inner diameter of 0.8mm capillary (the first method of general 0633). The kinetic viscosity at 40℃ was 8.5 ~ 11.0mm2/s.

ST204B automatic Pingshi kinematic viscometer (Shandong Sheng Tai Instrument Co., LTD.) is suitable for the design and manufacture of the first method of viscosity measurement in 2020 "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" General rule 0633, this method is to use the relative method to measure the time required for a certain volume of liquid to flow through the capillary under the action of gravity, so as to obtain the kinematic viscosity of fluid.


ST204B Automatic medicine kinematic visviscosimeter automatic mode with automatic constant temperature, automatic extraction, automatic timing, automatic calculation, automatic printing, automatic cleaning, automatic drying and a series of automatic functions, use only one injection click start to complete the test.

Methods: Viscosity was determined according to general rule 0633 of Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Temperature control range: room temperature +5℃ ~ 120.0℃ (optional 0-120℃);

Management rights: Can contain 3 levels of management rights

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃;

Timing range: 0.0s ~ 999.9s;

The measurement range of Pinard viscosity is 0.6-17000mm2/s

Timing accuracy: 60min no more than ±0.01%;

Number of samples: 2 sets of capillary viscometers (indicate viscosity coefficient range when ordering);

Operating environment: ambient temperature 10℃ ~ 35℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%;

Temperature sensor: Pt100 platinum resistance;

Rated power: 1800W.