Petroleum kinematic viscometer

November 16, 2021
Latest company case about Petroleum kinematic viscometer

SH112 Petroleum kinematic viscometer



SH112 Petroleum kinematic viscometer The instrument conforms to the national standard GB/T265 "Petroleum product kinematic viscosity measurement method and dynamic viscosity calculation method" standard requirements.

It can be used as high viscosity constant temperature water bath for other experiments.

The temperature measurement adopts precision platinum resistor PT100, which can be set arbitrarily from 10 ℃ to 100℃. The main and auxiliary heaters can be switched automatically, which can store the constant of the capillary tube without power.

Automatic calculation of viscosity value, the product also conforms to ASTM D445.

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The main features are as follows:

1. The constant temperature bath is a round glass tank with even temperature distribution in the bath and good temperature control effect (can be made into two tanks).

2, the instrument adopts precision digital temperature controller to control the temperature in the bathtub, the executive components are solid-state relay SSR, with temperature control accuracy and accuracy, no contact, no noise, no spark, fast action, long life and other characteristics.

3, Capillary card adopts three point vertical type, flexible and convenient operation, reliable clamping.

4, the viscosity tube can be selected according to the needs of the viscosity tube or wusoll viscosity tube.

5. With U disk input function, data can be output to PC for long-term storage.

Technical parameters:

Temperature control point: room temperature -150℃ arbitrary setting;

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃;

Display mode: digital display;

Stopwatch timing: 0.05 seconds --99 minutes 99.99 seconds;

Heating power: 1800W;

Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz ±5%;

Ambient temperature: 5℃-40℃;

Ambient humidity: < 85%;



Weight: 15Kg.


Customer supplied supplies are required: water or glycerin.

Strictly according to national standards, the viscosity tube test before the need to clean the following reagents: solvent oil or petroleum ether.


No Name Number Unit Note
1 host 1  
2 Special thickened sealed glass cylinder 1 1
3 Water bath top cover assembly 1 Contains 4 capillary stands
4 Control cable 1  
5 fuse tube 1 10A
6 Capillary viscometer 4 Can choose
7 Operating instruction 1  
8 Wash ears ball 1  
9 packing list 1  
10 Certificate of approval 1