Insulation oleic acid value determination

February 24, 2022
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Insulation oleic acid value determination solution

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The acid value of transformer insulating oil is to show that the oil contains acid substances, that is, the total value of organic acid and inorganic acid, generally to neutralize the acid substances in LG insulating oil potassium hydroxide mg number to express.
For unused new transformer oil contains almost no acid, its acid value is quite small, but oil in long-term storage, especially after charging into electrical equipment into operation, it will inevitably contact with oxygen in the air, oil is easy to be aging.
At the initial stage of oxidation, low molecular organic acids are mainly generated, and further oxidation produces polymer organic acids and acidic products. After the existence of all kinds of acidic substances in insulating oil, it will improve the electrical conductivity of oil, reduce the insulation of oil, and may also produce corrosion of metal.
In the case of high operating temperature (above 80 ℃), the solid fiber paper insulation material aging phenomenon, so as to shorten the service life of equipment. For unused transformer oleic acid value is generally 0.03mgKOH/g, the operating oil control acid value is not greater than 0.1mgKOH/g.
Transformer oil insulation oil acid value detection method is in accordance with GB/T264 this standard detection, Shandong Shengtai instrument SH108 automatic acid value instrument is designed and produced in accordance with this method, automatic transformer oleic acid value instrument SH108 is the use of color touch screen operation, reagents equipped with complete, into the sample can be tested, Can automatically measure the results, automatic printing, improve work efficiency, the use of this instrument can better detect the transformer oil acid value.
SH108 automatic oleic acid value meter in line with the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 264 "petroleum products acid value determination method" and GB7599, GB7299 stipulated requirements. The instrument adopts large blue LCD screen display, Chinese menu, no identification button. Microcomputer automatic determination, automatic printing, test process to achieve microcomputer automation
It can meet the needs of oil refineries, power plants and scientific research institutions. It is one of the necessary instruments for oil analysis and quality inspection.