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Grease selection and coning degree of the relationship

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Grease selection and coning degree of the relationship

February 23, 2022
Latest company case about Grease selection and coning degree of the relationship

Grease selection and coning degree of the relationship



When selecting grease, the coning degree of grease should be considered. When the mechanical friction surface load is very large, should use a small degree of coning grease, otherwise it will not support the load and be extruded; If the friction surface load is very small, the grease with large coning degree should be used, otherwise it is not easy to form a complete oil film, or because of excessive friction resistance, loss of power, and easy to cause overheating parts. Usually no. 2, no. 3, no. 4 grease is more suitable for ordinary machinery requirements because of its hardness.
SD2801C constant temperature needle penetration meter is designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements and relevant provisions of GB/T269 "Grease and petroleum grease coning penetration measurement Method" and GB/T4509, mainly suitable for asphalt and grease (or petroleum grease) needle penetration test. The instrument can also be used for solid fine grain, powder, colloid, frozen body and other materials, as well as cheese, sugar gum, butter, wheat, butter, fermenting body and other food raw materials inspection, in the food industry, traffic highway engineering and other industrial departments can be widely used.
I. Main technical features
1, the use of digital display coning degree value, intuitive eye-catching.
2, with lifting frame coarse adjustment, fine adjustment function, easy adjustment, accurate needle.
3, equipped with heating constant temperature bath, water bath temperature automatic control, high cost performance instrument.
Two, main technical parameters and indicators
1, measuring range: 0 ~ 600 coning degree (digital display table shows 0-60mm);
2, cone timing control device:; The time can be set arbitrarily according to their own needs, the time error is less than ±0.1 seconds;
3, resolution 0.01㎜;
4, needle insertion accuracy: ±1 taper;
5, temperature range: 10 ~ 50 degrees (with semiconductor cold cycle device, can be heated or refrigerated);
6, temperature control accuracy: 25±0.1℃;
7, temperature control mode: high precision digital temperature controller, can be constant temperature to the standard requirements of 25 degrees;
8, standard cone: 102.5±0.05g, in line with the national standard GB/T269 specification requirements;
9, lifting bracket: coarse adjustment, fine adjustment double lifting adjustment mechanism, easy to align the tip of the sample plane;
10, others: equipped with cold light source, easy to use and operation.

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