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Determination of freezing oil pour point

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Determination of freezing oil pour point

May 24, 2021
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Determination of freezing oil pour point

Refrigerator refers to the compressor used in compression refrigeration. Because of its different working conditions and compression medium, it is different from the general air compressor.
According to the working characteristics of the refrigerator and the specific requirements of lubricating oil and the deployment of lubricating oil type, commonly used refrigerants are: Freon, ammonia, lithium bromide, methane chloride and so on.
Pour point refers to the lowest temperature at which the cooled sample can flow under the specified test conditions.
Condensation point refers to the highest temperature when the oil surface of the sample is no longer moving under the specified test conditions, which is expressed in ℃.
The physical meaning of pour point is one of the parameters reflecting the fluidity of oil at low temperature. The lower the pour point is, the better the fluidity at low temperature is.
The pour point of the same oil is a few degrees higher than the freezing point. The freezing point is commonly used in the past, and the pour point is universally used in the world.
The pour point or freezing point is high, the low temperature fluidity of the oil is poor.
According to the pour point of oil, people can consider the measures that should be taken when transporting, storing, sending and receiving under low temperature condition, and can also be used to evaluate the low temperature performance of some oil.
Testing standard: GB/T3535-2006, the standard and ISO 3016-1994 equivalent
Standard for refrigerating oil: GB/T16630

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