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Automatic detection of sulfur content in ship fuel oil

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Automatic detection of sulfur content in ship fuel oil

May 19, 2021
Latest company case about Automatic detection of sulfur content in ship fuel oil

Automatic detection of sulfur content in ship fuel oil

According to the latest provisions of the International Convention on the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MAROPL) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), since January 1, 2020, the quality requirement of Marine fuel oil with sulfur content of no more than 0.5%m/m has been increased by seven times.
On October 25, 2019, the Maritime Safety Administration of the Ministry of Transport of China issued the Implementation Plan of the Global Marine Fuel Sulphur Limit in 2020, which made it clear that from January 1, 2020, international vessels must not use fuel with sulfur content exceeding 0.5%m/m in waters under the jurisdiction of China.
Fuel oil with sulfur content exceeding 0.1%m/m shall not be used when entering China's inland river vessel discharge control zone (to be expanded to Hainan waters in 2022), and open waste cleaning system washing water shall not be discharged in China's inland river vessel air pollutant discharge control zone.
The sulfur content of ship fuel can be detected by GB/T 17040-2008 "Determination of Sulfur Content in Petroleum Products (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry)". SH407X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer is designed and made strictly in accordance with this method.
At the same time, SH407 X fluorescence spectral sulfur analyzer adopts the principle of energy dispersion, mechanical and electrical integrated microcomputer design, analysis is fast and accurate.
Instruments for the experiment
SH407 Automatic X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer, Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., Ltd.
2. Comply with GB/T17040.

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