Automatic determination of peanut oil smoke point solution

February 11, 2022
Latest company case about Automatic determination of peanut oil smoke point solution

Automatic determination of peanut oil smoke point solution


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Edible vegetable oil can be made by two methods: pressing and leaching. The pressing method is the method of extracting oil from oil by physical pressing. Leaching method is a method of extracting oil from oil with edible grade solvent based on chemical principle, which is the most advanced production technology recognized internationally at present. Both pressed and leached oils must be chemically refined to become edible products. The oil obtained by pressing or leaching alone, the first step of the process, is called crude oil and is inedible. Pressed oil and leached oil must be refined through alkali refining, decolorization, deodorization and other chemical processes in the production process to remove impurities in the oil, so that it can meet the national standards and become edible refined oil.
According to the standard GB/T1534-2017 "Peanut Oil", the smoke point of the first-level leached finished product must be greater than or equal to 190 degrees. The detection method of smoke point in the standard is strictly in accordance with GB/T20795. ST123B automatic oil smoke point tester produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., Ltd. is in strict accordance with GB/T20795 plant oil smoke point measurement method of the first automatic method to determine.

Instrument features:
Meet the standard: GB/T20795
1. Upgrade to 7-inch color LCD display;
2. Heating method: metal bath heating.
3, detection method: imported photoelectric smoke detector.
4. It can store data by microcomputer and output data by U disk
5, standard micro printer automatic measurement automatic thermal printing
6, temperature sensor: imported Pt 100 temperature sensor
7. Laser printer interface, HP1108 laser printer can be linked (optional)
8, with date password setting function
The instruments required for the experiment are as follows
1. ST123B automatic oil smoke point tester
2. Special oil cup for smoke point meter

(1) Preparation before the test
1, the instrument is an automatic control instrument, before using the instrument should read the instructions carefully.
2, read the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 20795 "Vegetable oil smoke point determination", understand and familiar with the test method, test steps and test requirements described in the standard.
3, according to GB/T 20795 "plant grease smoke point determination" standard requirements, prepare all kinds of test equipment, materials, etc.
4, check the working state of the instrument, should conform to the specification of the working environment and working conditions.
5, check the instrument shell, must be in a good grounding state, power line should have a good grounding end.
(2) Instrument unpacking inspection
1. Open the package of the instrument and check whether the instrument is damaged.
2. Check instrument model and accessories according to packing list.
3. Check the accuracy of the instrument before debugging the instrument.
(III) Machine start-up preparation
1. Place the instrument on the instrument table smoothly and insert the power cord into the power socket of the instrument. The power supply should be well grounded.
3, the test oil cup with edible oil ether clean.
Second, the experiment process
1. After the power supply is switched on, the test arm part of the instrument is automatically lifted to display the experimental interface.
2. Click "Start" to drop the test arm and start the test; Click "Terminate" to stop the test and raise the test arm.
3. After the test is completed, the touch screen automatically displays the smoke point value and prints the test results. After the upgrade, the data can be exported to the computer through the USB disk to save the original test data.