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company news about What is the low temperature fluidity of diesel oil related to?

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What is the low temperature fluidity of diesel oil related to?

The flow performance of diesel at low temperature is not only related to the normal oil supply of diesel fuel supply system, but also has a close relationship with the storage and transportation of diesel fuel at low temperature.
The low temperature fluidity of diesel oil is related to its chemical composition, and the higher the content of n-alkanes, the worse the low temperature fluidity.
The evaluation indexes of low temperature fluidity of diesel oil in China include freezing point and cold filtration point.
According to China's light diesel oil quality standard, the freezing point is determined in accordance with GB/T510, and the cold filter point is determined in accordance with SH/T0248.
SH0248C of solidifying point cold filtration point tester (shandong shengtai instrument co., LTD., research and development production) is based on national standard national standard GB/T510 "solidifying point measurement of oil products and on the basis of SH/T 0248, adopt modern advanced technology, mechanical, optical, electronic and computer technology into an organic whole, can automatically finish the solidifying point and cold filtration point of petroleum products testing, the instrument adopts photoelectric detection technology, automatic inclined glass tube method, imported compressor refrigeration system to ensure that meet the requirements of refrigeration and depth.
Ii. Compliance with standards: GB/T510, SH/T 0248
1. Upgrade to 7-inch TFT color LCD display;
2. Refrigeration mode: fully enclosed and efficient refrigeration compressor.
3. Cold traps for test: 2.
4. Detection method: spectral detection
5. After the upgrade, 199 sets of historical data can be stored for easy query;
At the same time can be equipped with U disk output function.
6, standard miniature printer automatic measurement automatic thermal printing (standard)
7. If there is no operator after the test, set the automatic shutdown time of the refrigerator within 0-50min to avoid the frequent opening of the compressor and extend the service life of the instrument.
8. Test interval: cold filter point 1℃ freezing point 2℃.
9. Temperature sensor: Imported Pt 100 probe
10. Refrigerating medium: metal bath
11. Laser printer interface, can be linked to HP1108 laser printer (optional).
12. Date password setting function.
13, standard micro printer automatic measurement automatic thermal printing
14. Equipped with TCP network transmission function
15. Upload and connect to limis system

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