What is the moisture content of the new fuel resistant oil standard?

September 16, 2021
Latest company news about What is the moisture content of the new fuel resistant oil standard?

What is the moisture content of the new fuel resistant oil standard?

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Moisture: fuel resistance Years of operation experience shows that in many cases, the increase in acid value of oil in operation is caused by the hydrolysis of oil, so the new oil standard is set as < 600 mg/L. The moisture standard of operating oil is 1000 mg/L.
Moisture: test according to GB/T 7600 method. Moisture will not only lead to hydrolysis degradation of phosphate ester resistant to fuel, increase of acid value, resulting in corrosion of system components, but also affect the lubrication characteristics of oil. If the moisture content of operating phosphate ester resistant fuel exceeds the standard, the cause should be found out quickly and effective treatment measures should be taken.

SH103 Micro moisture tester (produced by Shandong Sheng Tai Instrument Co., LTD.) adopts the principle of Karl Fischer Coulomb titration and microcomputer automatic control. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, it has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast electrolysis speed, short balance time, accurate blank deduction and accurate and reliable analysis results. It is a high quality analytical instrument for petroleum, chemical, electric power, environmental protection, medicine, scientific research and other departments. The instrument uses a 32-bit embedded microprocessor as the main control core, embedded in a mini-operating system; The instrument has constant current detection, double circuit balance titration function; The electrolytic cell adopts waterproof sealing design; Support multiple calculation formula, in line with standard GBT11133 and ASTMD 0304.

Technical parameters:
Carl, -- Hugh coulomb's law, to determination of trace moisture of different materials, in line with the GB/T11133, this trace moisture meter and the success of the application of this method, and used the micro computer control, its fast analysis speed, high precision, Chinese LCD color screen display, automatic printing, double CPU design, blank current deducted automatically and instrument fault self-diagnosis function, Menu selection and other functions to achieve better operation and use, with simple operation, automatic analysis instrument. It is an instrument for oil moisture analysis
Display mode: color touch screen display
Titration method: electric titration controlled by microcomputer
Output mode: automatic calculation, can output UG, PPM and %
Measurement range: 0.00001% to 100% in percentage, from 0.1 PPM to one million PPM in PPM
Resolution: 0.1ug
Electrolytic control: Automatic electrolytic current tracking control (Max. 400mA)
Titration rate: 2.5mg/min(Max.)
Sensitivity: 0.1ug-- 100g not more than 2% converted to 0.3% above 1mg (without sampling error)
Power source: AC 220V± 10% 50Hz± 10%
Power: 60 va
Operating ambient temperature: 5-40~C
Ambient temperature: ≤ 90%
Required supplies: special Karl Fischer reagent, the instrument itself with a set of reagents, after use can be purchased or equipped with their own.