What is the freezing point of antifreeze (coolant)? How to test?

March 10, 2021
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What is the normal freezing point of antifreeze (coolant)?
What's the lowest we can get?
Now the boiling point of antifreeze is generally greater than 105 ° C, if the use of high-quality antifreeze, there will be no "boiling" phenomenon.
But the freezing point of various antifreeze is not the same, which is determined by different regions and different environmental temperatures.
The freezing point of today's antifreeze is generally between -15℃ ~ -68℃.
The cooling liquid freezing point detection method generally adopts SH/T0090.
SH128 automatic antifreeze freezing point tester is based on the national petrochemical industry standard SH/T0090-91 "engine coolant freezing point determination method" and ASTM D1177.
Suitable for measuring freezing point of engine coolant and concentrated liquid.
Instrument features: embedded system design, using imported PT100 temperature sensor, automatic detection throughout the test;
Color touch screen;
The test results can be stored;
You can view historical data;
Printing results on the instrument, mechanical automatic mixing, experimental results can be exported through the U disk, stored in the computer can be compared for many times.