Total distillation analysis of coal tar

January 11, 2022
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Total distillation analysis of coal tar

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A thick black or dark - brown liquid with a pungent odor produced when coal is retorted. Tar for short. Coal tar can be divided into low temperature coal tar, medium temperature coal tar and high temperature coal tar according to the distillation temperature. The coal tar obtained in coke production belongs to high temperature coal tar. It is one of coke oven gas purification products condensed and separated in the process of crude gas cooling.

Coal tar generally as processing refined raw materials to make a variety of chemical products, (see coal tar processing) can also be directly used, such as as industrial coal, coke and coal activated carbon with binder ingredients, can also be used as fuel oil, blast furnace injection fuel and wood preservative oil and burning carbon black raw materials.

SH6536 Automatic distillation tester adopts color LCD display screen, Chinese menu man-machine dialogue, wizard operation, the determination process is all automatic. In accordance with the national standard GB/T6536 "Petroleum products distillation determination method" and ASTMD 86 requirements designed, using embedded computer, can automatically measure the initial distillation point of coal tar, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% and dry point.