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company news about The solution of automatic determination of freezing point of snowmelt agent

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The solution of automatic determination of freezing point of snowmelt agent
Latest company news about The solution of automatic determination of freezing point of snowmelt agent

The solution of automatic determination of freezing point of snowmelt agent

latest company news about The solution of automatic determination of freezing point of snowmelt agent  0



A snowmelt, as the name suggests, is a chemical used to reduce the temperature at which ice and snow melt.
Common snow melting agents are easily available and inexpensive, and are mainly composed of potassium acetate and chlorine salts, according to which they are classified.
The snow melting agent melts the snow on the road by reducing the melting temperature of snow and ice, which is easy to dredge the road and has obvious effect in the spreading place, but it is harmful. Studies have found that the residual snow melting agent can corrode the road surface and automobile rubber tires.
At present, sand and snowplow are mainly used in North China in the regular winter, supplemented by snow melting agent to clear snow and ice on the road to ensure smooth traffic.
The freezing point of snow melting agent is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of snow melting agent. The freezing point of snow melting agent can be determined by SH128 automatic freezing point tester or SH128C automatic aviation coal freezing point tester. The freezing point is: in the case of no supercooling, the temperature at which the coolant begins to crystallize;
Or, in the case of supercooling, the maximum temperature at which the coolant rises rapidly after initial crystallization.
Instruments for the experiment
1, SH128 automatic freezing point tester, using embedded system design, the whole process of automatic test detection;
Color touch screen;
The test results can be stored;
You can view historical data;
Printing results on the instrument, mechanical automatic mixing, experimental results can be exported through the U disk, stored in the computer can be compared for many times.
2, alcohol,
3, in line with the standard SHT0090-1991 engine coolant freezing point determination method



Experimental steps:
1. After the instrument is unpacked, please count the accessories according to the packing list. If there is any damage, please contact our company.

2. The instrument should be carried vertically, and the tilt Angle along the height of the instrument should not exceed 30 degrees. It should be placed in a dark place and placed smoothly, otherwise there will be vibration after the start of the instrument, which will affect the service life of the instrument.

3. Check the alcohol level in the cold margin tank to ensure that the alcohol level should exceed the refrigeration plate in the cold margin. When the alcohol is insufficient, it is necessary to add enough alcohol first, and then carry out the experiment.

4, the instrument power supply is connected to the capacity of more than 220V/10A socket, pay attention to must have a good grounding wire.

5. Take out the sample of 75 ~ 100ml with the measuring cylinder and put it into the cooling flask.

6. Place the cooling bottle in the coolant and plug the bottle tightly.


7, adjust the suitable position of the tube stirring motor, so that the top of the stirring motor is not exposed to the sample liquid level, and the bottom of the cooling tube is just reached.

8. Turn on the power and click the touch screen to enter the main control interface.

9. Set the expected freezing point and the sample number.

10. If the machine is opened for the first time or has not been used for a long time, it needs to be self-checked when it is opened again. It is suggested that the user enter the system interface for system self-test.

11. After all the preparation work, click the start button to carry out the test. During the test, the system will automatically detect the freezing point and give a buzzing prompt after the test.

12. The test operation is mainly completed on the touch screen, and the specific operation steps are shown in the next chapter.

13. After the end of the test, the compressor should be closed into the self-checking system.
The heating system automatically opens for heating. When the cooling margin temperature rises to normal temperature, the heating system automatically closes, and the coolant becomes liquid at this time.

14. Take out the coolant and recover the coolant after the test.

15, turn off the instrument power, unplug the power plug.

16. Please refer to the detailed operation manual for the touch screen operation schematic diagram.

This instrument is a low temperature, precision test instrument,
Please be sure to read the instructions carefully before use and operate carefully to prevent accidents!

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