The concept of initial distillation point and dry point

September 7, 2021
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The concept of initial distillation point and dry point

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The range of boiling points obtained by distilling petroleum under standard conditions is called the "distillation range". It is a label of the amount and temperature of oil that may be distilled from the petroleum product within a certain temperature range.

Distillation range refers to the distillation of oil under specified conditions, from the initial distillation point to the final distillation point of evaporation characteristics of the temperature range.

The whole distillation process includes the items of initial distillation point and final distillation point (or dry point), gasoline also includes 10%, 50%, 90% distillation temperature, residual amount, loss amount of these three items.

Under the specified test conditions, 100ml oil is heated and distilled, and the temperature at which the first drop of oil is extracted from the end of the condenser is called the initial distillation point. In the final stage of distillation, the highest temperature at which all the liquid has evaporated is called the final distillation point. During the test, when the distilled condensate recovered from the measuring cylinder is 10mL, 50ml and 90ml, the distillation temperature is called 10%, 50% and 90% respectively.

Dry point: The highest temperature at which the mercury column of a thermometer stops rising and begins to fall with continued heating, when the distillation range of an oil is determined under specified conditions.

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