Solution for measuring the viscosity of medicinal polyethylene glycol

November 25, 2020

Medicinal polyethylene glycol is a chemical.
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a water-soluble linear polymer family formed by addition reaction of ethylene oxide with ethylene glycol of the same equivalent.
The measurement of the viscosity of the medicinal polyethylene glycol was conducted according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 edition) 4-part general rules 0633 1 method, the temperature of the kinematic viscosity was adjusted to 98.9℃±0.1℃, and the measurement was carried out by the Pin's kinematic viscosity method (ST204B automatic medical kinematic viscosity meter). The measured flow velocity time should not be less than 200s.
The viscosity of medicinal polyethylene glycol is generally 110-158CST at 98.9℃.
ST204B automatic drug kinematic viscometer is applicable to the design and manufacture of viscosity measurement method 0633 in general rules of Chinese Pharmacopoeia in 2015. This method is to use relative method to measure the time required for a certain volume of liquid to flow through the capillary under the action of gravity, so as to obtain the kinematic viscosity of the fluid.
ST204B automatic drug kinematic viscosimeter has a series of automatic functions, such as automatic constant temperature, automatic extraction, automatic timing, automatic calculation, automatic printing, automatic cleaning, automatic drying, etc. When in use, the test can be completed by one sample injection and clicking start.
Ii. Main technical features
1. The display mode is a 7-inch color touch screen.
2. Adopt embedded system design, automatic detection and automatic printing in the whole test process.
3. The main parts and electronic components of the instrument are imported, with good stability.
4. The instrument has automatic timing function, automatic calculation, automatic printing, automatic cleaning, automatic drying and other functions.
5. The test results can be exported through the U disk.
6. Equipped with LED soft light, uniform lighting, easy to observe.
7. The test results can be stored;
You can view the historical data.
8. Printed on the instrument, the bath contains automatic mechanical stirring
9. It has the function of hierarchical password setting.
Apparatus needed for experiment
1.ST204B automatic drug kinematic viscometer, developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.
2. Capillary tube with GB/T265 kinematic viscosity.

Experimental steps:
Preparation work
1. After unpacking the instrument, please count the accessories according to the packing list. If there is any damage, please contact our company.
2. The instrument should be handled vertically. The tilt Angle should not exceed 30 degrees along the height of the instrument.
3. Connect the power supply of the instrument to the socket with a capacity of 220V/10A or above, and pay attention to having a good grounding wire.
Ii. Experiment process
According to different interfaces, the functions of the instrument are described as follows:
1. Start the machine and display the instrument name. After 2 seconds, it will automatically enter the test interface.

2. Test interface:

As shown in the figure above, there are two buttons "Main interface", "Parameter Setting", "System Setting" and "Historical data" above the interface.
When the constant temperature bath is equal to the set temperature, click "Start" to start the timer. When the set time is reached, the timer will automatically stop, and the buzzer will alarm for 3 seconds. The display will display "End of the constant temperature, start the test", and you can click "No. 1 'No. 2" to start the timing test.