Method for determination of texture of rice

November 30, 2021
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Method for determination of texture of rice

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Palatability of rice is an important evaluation index of rice taste quality [1-2]. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the palatability of rice has attracted more and more attention [3-4]. At present, the palatability evaluation of rice is mainly sensory evaluation, which has disadvantages such as complex operation procedures and strong subjectivity. Therefore, in recent years, people have been trying to measure the palatability of rice by instrument, in order to replace sensory evaluation and provide a more objective, accurate and rapid evaluation method for palatability evaluation of rice. Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) can simulate the chewing process of oral teeth by the mechanical process of continuous compression twice, so as to digitize and objectively palatability index. At present, the methods to determine the rice quality and structure of two kinds: one is the grain method, namely, randomly selected from the rice grain number of grain, appropriate in different ways (radial, star, parallel, circular) is put in the determination of structure instrument platform [6], but as a result of the test selected MiFanLi less (usually 3 pills), which resulted in increased error; The second is the rice cake method, that is, the rice is cooked in a selected container and then measured directly after being cooled. This method reflects the overall texture characteristics of the rice, not the texture characteristics of a single rice grain. This paper by the methods of grain and rice cakes were determined rice quality and structure, through the analysis of variance and coefficient of variation analysis and comparison of the differences between the test data and stability, to find the method for determination of rice quality and structure, at the same time, the main method to determine parameters (compression ratio and compression rate) optimization, it is concluded that is suitable for the test parameters, test the quality and structure of rice It provided the basis for determining rice texture quality quickly and accurately by texture analyzer.

The above excerpt is from grain, Oil and Food Science and Technology Volume 21, No. 6, 2013


As a food sensory analysis instrument, texture analyzer has been widely used in the field of leisure food. It has the advantages of simple operation, objective data and observation of the stress curve of samples. Texture analyzer can be used to determine the texture of jelly, so as to study and discuss the processing technology.
St-z16 texture analyzer (physical properties analyzer) can be used to test the physical properties of food, biological, pharmaceutical and chemical samples, including hardness, elasticity, brittleness, chewiness, firmness, toughness, ductility, resilience, gel strength and other texture analyzer (physical properties analyzer). St-z16 texture instrument for mechanical and electrical integration products, the use of modern mechanical design concept and ergonomic design criteria, the use of advanced double CPU microcomputer processing technology for careful and reasonable design.