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company news about Lubricating oil oleic acid value determination solution

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Lubricating oil oleic acid value determination solution
Latest company news about Lubricating oil oleic acid value determination solution

Acid number is the amount of acid in the oil. The number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize the acid in 1g of oil is called acid number.
The acid value includes both organic and inorganic acids contained in the oil, but in most cases the oil does not contain inorganic acids.
Thus, the oleic acid number actually represents the amount of organic acids in the oil.
The new oil contains organic acids mainly for the ring wash acid.
In the process of storage and use, the organic acids generated by oxidation of oil are fatty acids.
Acid value is a kind of sign that refines a degree to new oil, to running oil, it is a kind of sign that oil qualitatively ages a degree, it is one of the important indexes that judge oil to be able to continue to use.

SH108 automatic oleic acid value meter conforms to the requirements stipulated in the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 264 "Determination of acid value of petroleum products" and GB7599, GB7299.
The instrument adopts blue LCD large screen display, Chinese menu, no marker button.
Microcomputer automatic measurement, automatic printing, the test process to achieve computer automation
It can meet the needs of oil refineries, power plants and scientific research units, and is one of the essential instruments for oil analysis and quality inspection.
Instruments for the experiment
1. SH108 automatic acid value meter, automatic detection throughout the test;
The test results can be stored;
You can view historical data;
Automatic printing.
2. Neutralization liquid and extraction liquid.
(Each bottle is standard for the instrument)
3, conforming to the standard GB/T264


Experimental steps:
1. The instrument is installed on a stable working table
2. Press the extraction liquid pump card and hose into the liquid pump together to make it in place.
(Raise the lower end of the hand to the mark)
3. Press the titrator pump card and hose into the titrator pump to make it in place.
(Raise the lower end of the hand to the mark)
4. Take out the intubation and cap of the titrator and extraction liquid, replace the cap with a stainless steel straw randomly, and tighten it.
And the instrument on the titration and neutralization of the corresponding inserted into the stainless steel tube, suction bottle to add concentrated lye, to prevent the neutralization liquid and air reflect affect the test results.
5. Plug the single-phase AC power into the socket (note: the socket should be grounded reliably.)
6, take a certain amount of samples into the sample cup corresponding to the instrument
7. Put an agitator into the sample to be tested.
8, put in the oil sample after acid value test.
9. After the test, insert the hose at the neutralizing liquid port of the instrument into the anhydrous ethanol, select the neutralizing liquid exhaust in the exhaust, clean the neutralizing pipeline to prevent pipeline blockage.
10. Turn off the power.
Take out oil cup, clean and reserve;
Loosen the neutralization and extraction pump clips.
The method is: press the button on the side of the clip by hand, and the clip pops out.
11. For the schematic diagram of the LCD screen, please refer to the detailed operation manual

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