How to select grease according to drop point

November 17, 2020

When selecting grease, the working condition (load, speed, temperature), working condition (continuous operation, intermittent operation, no vibration and impact, etc.) and working environment (humidity, temperature, air pollution, etc.) of the friction pair should be considered.
Grease should be used at least 20-30 degrees below its drop point
When the temperature is high, lipids with good antioxidant properties, small evaporation loss and high drop point should be selected.
When the temperature is low, the grease with low starting moment and low similar viscosity should be selected, such as the grease based on compound oil.
SH3498 automatic wide temperature drop point instrument co., LTD. (shandong shengtai instrument research and development production) conform to the standard ASTM D2265 microprocessor as the core, integrating mechanical, optoelectronics and micro detection technology, has the temperature automatic control, automatic adjustment of heating rate, automatically detect and record drop point data, such as automatic printing function, complete wide temperature drop point determination.
Main Features:
Program start, easy to operate;
The temperature sensor imported from Japan ensures the accuracy and stability of temperature measurement and control.
Metal bath heating, no noise, no pollution, fast heating rate;
Photoelectric detection is adopted for droplet detection;
Equipped with internal clock, no need to enter experimental date.
Applicable standards:
GB/T 3498, ASTM D2265 standard
Technical indicators:
Temperature measurement range: room temperature ~ 400 ℃
Test route: 2
Ambient temperature: 10℃ ~ 35℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Environmental relative humidity: 30 ~ 80%RH
Power supply: AC220± 10% V 50HZ±1HZ
Power supply: less than 2KW
Display: LIQUID crystal display
Typing: Chinese character printing
Printer: Small thermal printer
Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
Detection method: imported photoelectric switch detection
Storage: Experimental results can be stored in 199 groups of historical data for easy query;
Result output: At the same time can be equipped with U disk output function, output to the PC side for long-term storage
Output format: The output format of the usb flash disk is CSV or Excel.
Data extension: laser printer interface, HP1108 laser printer can be linked (optional).
Data protection: With date password setting function.
Standard printing: standard printing with micro printer automatic measurement automatic thermal sensitive printing
Remote upgrade: With TCP network transmission function, software remote upgrade can be carried out later
Data management: Can connect to limIS system
Data memory: Microcomputer instrument memory can be expanded to 16 gigabytes.