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company news about How to select grease according to drop point

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How to select grease according to drop point
Latest company news about How to select grease according to drop point

How to select grease according to drop point

latest company news about How to select grease according to drop point  0


When selecting grease, the main consideration should be given to the working condition (load, speed, temperature), working state (continuous operation, intermittent operation, vibration and impact, etc.) and working environment (humidity, temperature, air pollution degree, etc.) of the friction pair.
The use temperature of grease should be at least 20-30 degrees lower than its dripping point
When using at high temperature, fat with good oxidation resistance, small evaporation loss and high drop point should be selected; In the use of low temperature, should choose low starting moment, similar viscosity small fat, such as compound oil based oil fat.
SH3498 automatic wide temperature drop meter (Shandong Shentai Instrument Co., LTD. Research and development) in line with ASTM D2265 standards with a microprocessor as the core, set mechanical, optoelectronic and micro detection technology in one, with automatic temperature control, automatic adjustment of temperature rate, automatic detection and record drop point data, automatic printing output and other functions, The measurement of wide temperature drop point was completed.
Main features:
Procedure start, easy to operate;
Temperature sensor imported from Japan to ensure accurate and stable temperature measurement and control;
Metal bath heating, no noise, no pollution, fast temperature rise;
The drop point detection adopts photoelectric detection;
Equipped with internal clock, no need to enter the date of the experiment.
Applicable standards:
GB/T 3498, ASTM D2265 standard
Technical indicators:
Temperature range: room temperature ~ 400 ℃
Number of test routes: 2
Ambient temperature: 10-35 ° C
Resolution: 0.1℃
Relative humidity: 30 to 80%RH
Power supply: AC220± 10% V 50HZ±1HZ
Power supply: less than 2KW
Display: LCD
Printing: Printing Chinese characters
Printer: small thermal printer
Power supply: AC220 V 50Hz
Detection method: imported photoelectric switch detection
Storage method: 199 groups of historical data can be stored for easy query.
Output: It can also be equipped with usb disk output function, output to PC for long-term storage
Output format: The output format of the USB flash drive is CSV or Excel.
Data extension: Laser printer interface, HP1108 laser printer can be linked (optional).
Data protection: date password setting function.
Standard printing: standard micro printer automatic measurement automatic thermal printing
Remote upgrade: With the TCP network transmission function, remote software upgrade can be performed later
Data management: Connect to limis system
Data memory: microcomputer instrument memory can be expanded up to 16G.

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