How the sulfur content in crude oil is determined

February 14, 2023
Latest company news about How the sulfur content in crude oil is determined

      Sulfur content refers to the sulfur content in oil products and their derivatives, and is one of the important indicators of gasoline and diesel. The sulfides contained in gasoline and diesel have a great influence on the working life of the engine.

       The effect of sulfur is that it burns to form sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide. These products can react with the moisture in the oil to form acid under different conditions, and the dry acid gas does not corrode much to the metal, but when the temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, the acid gas H2SO4 will condense on the metal surface and produce corrosion, that is, low-temperature corrosion. SO2 and SO3 combine with sodium, potassium and other metal elements to form alkali metal sulfate, and S03 can capture some floating particulate ash in the gas stream. When encountering metal parts with a low surface temperature, glue adheres to the metal surface and continues to glue some floating ash particles, forming a depositary layer. Once this sedimentary layer is formed, the local thermal conductivity of the metal at the place will be rapidly reduced, so that the surface temperature of the sediment site will increase correspondingly rapidly, thereby accumulating more deposits, resulting in corrosion of the metal, that is, high-temperature corrosion。

          In general, light oils such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel and solvent oil are often burned. Heavy diesel, fuel oil, crude oil, residue oil, etc. adopt the tubular method, under the premise of emphasizing environmental protection and safety, more users will choose X-ray spectroscopy to measure the sulfur content of crude oil and its products (heavy mass).

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             SH407B X-ray sulfur analyzer adopts the principle of energy dispersion, electromechanical integration microcomputerized design, fast and accurate analysis. Its repeatability and reproducibility meet the relevant requirements of the national standards GB/T 17040-2008 "Determination of sulfur content of petroleum products (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy)" and GB/T 11140-1989 "Determination of sulfur content of petroleum products (X-ray spectroscopy)" GB/T17606 Determination of sulfur content in crude oil Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, and fully meet the requirements of the American national standard ASTMD4294-02.

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             SH407 fluorescent sulfur analyzer mainly measures the total sulfur mass percentage content of crude oil, petroleum, heavy oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, naphtha, and can also measure the total sulfur or sulfur compound content in coal chemical products (such as primary benzene) and other liquid samples; It can also be used to determine the total sulfur or SO3 content in fine powder samples. Comply with GB/T17606.