Full-automatic viscosity measurement solution for heavy oils

November 30, 2020

Viscosity is an important characteristic of liquid fuel. Small viscosity means that liquid is easy to flow, transport and atomize, which is beneficial to the operation of boiler.
The viscosity is high and the liquid takes a long time to set aside.
The viscosity of heavy oil is related to temperature as well as oil quality.
High temperature, low viscosity of oil, easy to flow and atomization, but the oil temperature should not be heated too high, such as when the temperature of heavy oil oil reaches 120 -- 130℃ above, the viscosity will not reduce much, and easy to cause heavy oil gasification, resulting in storage tank roof, fire and other accidents.
SH112H automatic counter current motor viscometer is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Law of Moveable Viscosity of Dark Petroleum Products of the People's Republic of China standard GB/T11137. It is suitable for the determination of dark petroleum products and heavy oils.
Apparatus needed for experiment
1.SH112H automatic countercurrent kinematic viscometer, developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.
2. Cannon-fensk capillary in accordance with GB/T11137.

Experimental steps:
Preparation work
1. After unpacking the instrument, please count the accessories according to the packing list. If there is any damage, please contact our company.
2. The instrument should be handled vertically. The tilt Angle should not exceed 30 degrees along the height of the instrument.
3. Connect the power supply of the instrument to the socket with a capacity of 220V/10A or above, and pay attention to having a good grounding wire.
Ii. Experiment process
According to different interfaces, the functions of the instrument are described as follows:
1. Start the machine and display the instrument name. After 2 seconds, it will automatically enter the test interface.

2. Test interface:

As shown in the figure above, there are two buttons "Main interface", "Parameter Setting", "System Setting" and "Historical data" above the interface.
When the constant temperature bath is equal to the set temperature, click "Start" to start the timing. When the set constant temperature is reached, the timing will stop automatically and the buzzer will alarm for 3 seconds. The display will display "End of constant temperature and start the test", and you can click "No. 1 'no. 2, No. 3 and No. 4" for timing test.
Press the "Stop" button to terminate the test without saving the test results.