Effects of mechanical impurities on fuel oil

January 15, 2022
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Effects of mechanical impurities on fuel oil


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The properties of fuel oil mainly depend on the nature of crude oil and the way of processing, and the main specifications to determine the quality of fuel oil include Viscosity, Sulfur Content, Fuel oils such as Pour Point, used in power plants, also have Vanadium and Sodium content regulations.

Most petroleum products can be used as fuel, but fuel oil has different interpretations in different regions. The European concept of fuel oil generally refers to the black, viscous residue left by distillation of crude oil, or its incorporation with lighter components, used mainly as fuel for steam furnaces and various heating furnaces or as large, slow diesel fuel and various industrial fuels. But in the United States refers to any flammable liquid or liquefied petroleum products with a flash point not less than 37.8°C, which can be either Residual Fuel Oil (also known as Heavy Fuel Oil) or distillate Fuel Oil. Distillate fuel oil can be obtained not only directly from distilled crude oil (i.e. straight fractions) but also by distillation from other processes such as cracking.

Mechanical impurities
Mechanical impurities can clog the filter, resulting in pump wear and nozzle blockage, affecting normal combustion.
The detection of mechanical impurities generally adopts GB/T 511-2010 "Petroleum and petroleum products and additives mechanical impurities determination method" SH101C automatic mechanical impurities content tester is designed according to the requirements of the national standard GB/T511 "Petroleum products and additives mechanical impurities determination method (weight method)". Suitable for the determination of various light and heavy oil, lubricating oil and additives in petroleum products.

Performance characteristics:
1. Built-in oil-free and maintenance-free vacuum pump, double solvent oil preheating system, one instrument host to complete all functions, no external vacuum pump and water bath.
2. 7-inch TFT true color touch screen, resolution 800×480, human-computer interaction is simple and easy to use.
3. Using 32-bit microprocessor as the main control core, a new generation of intelligent operating system.
4. Adopt built-in oil-free and maintenance-free vacuum pump, program control double filtration.
4 channels PID temperature control, precise control of solvent oil preheating temperature and heat preservation funnel temperature.
6. Built-in formula, automatic calculation of test results, and can save and print data.
7. Automatic data query function, easy to find test records and statistical data, and can print the results at any time.
8, in the test page, according to the above prompts to weigh the sample or filter paper, according to M1, M2...... M these 5 buttons automatically import the data on the scale at that time, click to calculate

Technical parameters:
1. Display: 7 inch LCD, resolution 800×480
2. Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 100℃
3. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
4. Resolution: 0.1℃
5. Printer: 58mm wide micro thermal printer
6. Power rate: 800W
7 Appearance size: 510×330×320 (not including pad)
8. Weight: 16kg