Configuration solution for automatic determination of palm oil smoke point

November 6, 2020

Palm oil is also called palm oil and palm oil. The oil extracted from the pericarp of palm fruit is non-drying oil.
The oil palm is originated from the west coast of Africa. In the 1970s, southeast Asian countries began to cultivate a large number of oil palm. By the 1980s, the area and output of oil palm in Southeast Asia had exceeded that of Africa
Benefits of palm oil:
1. Good stability, not easy to occur oxidation deterioration, high smoke point, so it is suitable for frying food.
2. Solid fat can be used as margarine and shortening instead of the expensive cocoa butter;
Liquid fats are used as oil in salads or cooking and have a light and refreshing taste.
A large amount of unextracted palm oil is used in the soap making industry.
The soap produced with palm oil has durable foam and strong decontamination ability.
3. Palm oil is rich in vitamin A(500-700ppm) and vitamin E(500-800ppm).
Palm oil has a high smoke point and is suitable for frying and stir-frying.
When normal cooking oil is used, when the temperature of the oil exceeds the smoke point, the chemical structure of the oil and fat changes, producing carcinogens.
The smoke point value of palm oil detected by ST123B automatic vegetable fat smoke point meter produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., Ltd. is about 230 ° C, which is much higher than that of other commonly used cooking oil, so it is suitable for frying, frying, cooking and frying.
2. Experimental steps
2. 1. Experimental apparatus
1. ST123B automatic vegetable fat smoke point instrument (developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.);
2. The sample was prepared using GB/T15687. The instrument conforms to GB/T 20795 "Determination of Vegetable Fat Smoke Point".

ST123B type automatic smoke point analyzer is used to determine the smoke point value of edible oil products.
Adopt inch pure industrial true color touch screen, embedded operating system.
With the self-diagnosis function of the instrument, it can check whether there is fault and show its status.
The influence of atmospheric pressure on the test is automatically corrected and the correction value is calculated.
Optional standard RS485 interface.
High precision temperature sensor PT1000 imported from Germany.
It has the function of preventing fire from overtemperature and automatically stopping working.
Built-in high-precision smoke point detection sensor, detection time up to millisecond level.
Simulation tracking shows the function curve of temperature rise and test time,
Designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified in the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 20795 "Determination of Vegetable Fat Smoke point", applicable to the method specified in the standard.
The instrument adopts single-chip microcomputer control technology, color LIQUID crystal display screen, all-Chinese man-machine dialogue interface, no logo keyboard;
For parameters such as pre-value smoke point temperature, sample label, test date, etc., it has menu prompt and guiding input function;
The application of open, fuzzy control integrated software, modular structure design and other technologies can automatically measure the smoke point value of vegetable oil, the experimental results are automatically displayed and printed.
With advanced design, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation and accurate test results, this instrument is an ideal substitute for similar imported instruments, and can be widely used in scientific research, universities, edible oil, industry and colleges, scientific research institutes, measurement and testing departments and other units for the detection and testing of vegetable oil smoke points.
2. Usage and operation steps
Designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified in the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 20795 "Determination of Vegetable Fat Smoke point", applicable to the method specified in the standard.
1) Preparation before test
1. The instrument is an automatic control instrument. Please read the instruction carefully before using the instrument.
2. Read the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 20795 "Determination of Vegetable Fat Smoke Point" carefully, and understand and be familiar with the test method, test procedure and test requirements specified in the standard.
3. Prepare all kinds of test instruments and materials for testing according to the requirements stipulated in GB/T20795 standard.
4. Check the working status of the instrument, which shall comply with the working environment and working conditions stipulated in the manual.
5. Check the enclosure of the instrument, which must be in a good grounded state, and the power line shall have a good grounded end.
3. Unpacking the instrument for inspection
(2) Machine start-up preparation
1. Place the instrument flat on a stable and firm work table, and there should be no mechanical vibration, corrosive gas, pollution, electromagnetic interference, etc. affecting the normal operation of the instrument around, and connect the power line.
3. Clean the sample cup with petroleum ether.
4. Test steps
Please refer to the instruction for operation
In case of any difference between the operating instructions and the actual operation, the actual interface prompts and operating procedures shall prevail.
3. Results display;
The LCD displays the smoke point value automatically and a miniature printer prints out the test results
This instrument is a high temperature and precision testing instrument.
Please read the manual carefully before use, and operate carefully to prevent accidents!