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company news about Automatic crude fat determination solution for soybean meal

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Automatic crude fat determination solution for soybean meal

Soybean meal is a byproduct of soybean oil extraction.
Also known as "soybean meal".
According to the different extraction methods, it can be divided into one - leaching soybean meal and two - leaching soybean meal.
Among them, the by-product of soybean oil extracted by the extraction method is soybean meal, and the by-product obtained by pressing the oil and extracting the oil after leaching is called two-leaching soybean meal.
In the whole process, it is very important to control the temperature, too high temperature will affect the protein content, thus directly related to the quality and use of soybean meal;
Low temperature will increase the moisture content of soybean meal, while high moisture content will affect the quality of soybean meal during storage.
Soybean meal with advanced production technology and high protein content is the main variety circulating on the spot market in China.
Part of soybean meal was randomly selected and the crude fat content of powder fish feed measured by ST-06E automatic fat analyzer was 3.5%.
This method is a strict GB/T6433-2006 operation experiment.
The apparatus and reagents required for the determination of crude fat are as follows:
Special instrument: ST-6E automatic crude fat tester
Reagents, auxiliary appliances
1. Anhydrous ether (analytically pure), petroleum ether (analytically pure, boiling range 30-60)
2. Analytical balance (0.0001g)
3. Filter paper with diameter of 90mm
4. 100mL measuring cylinder
5. Drying oven
6. Laboratory crusher
7. Mortar and mortar
8. Dryer

Performance characteristics of ST-06E automatic fat meter
1. 4.3 inches true color LCD, PLC control system;

2. Overtemperature, overtemperature alarm and regular reminder functions;
3. Sound and LCD text prompt triple alarm system;
4. It also has the function of fixed-point heating and program heating;
5. Adopt integral metal heating block for heating, with wide temperature control range and high temperature control accuracy;
6, the electric push rod lifting mechanism, lifting operation is flexible;

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