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Automatic vaseline tapering solution
Latest company news about Automatic vaseline tapering solution

Vaseline is a semi-liquid mixture of alkyl or saturated hydrocarbons, also known as mineral lipids, produced by fractional distillation of petroleum.
Its state is between solid and liquid at room temperature, and it has three colors of brown, yellow and white for different uses [1].
Natural petroleum jelly is obtained from petroleum residual oil concentrate such as alkane hydrocarbon heavy oil.
Artificial vaseline is obtained from a mixture of mineral oils thickened with pure ground wax or paraffin wax or paraffin grease.
Vaseline smells of mineral oil instead of kerosene.
It can be used as raw materials for medicine and cosmetics. The coning degree of Vaseline was determined by pharmacopoeia 0983.
Coning determination method is suitable for soft paste, eye paste and its common matrix materials (such as vaseline, lanolin, beeswax) and other semi-solid materials, in order to control their properties such as hardness and viscosity, avoid affecting the drug coating ductility.
Measuring principle of Vaseline coning meter:
Coning degree refers to the free falling body movement, at 25℃, the cone of a certain mass is released downward from the coning degree meter, and the depth of the tapered specimen is measured within 5 seconds after the cone is released.
SH017 Automatic constant temperature pharmacopoeia coning degree instrument (developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.) is designed and made by using the coning degree measurement method of Pharmacopoeia 0983.
Apparatus needed for experiment
1.SH017, developed and produced by Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., LTD.
2. Coning method in accordance with 0983 pharmacopoeia.
3. Test sample: Medicinal vaseline
4. Test results: 160
Operating steps
(1) Preparation before the test
1. Please read the instructions carefully before using the instrument. For more help, please enter the "Help document" on the touch screen to check;
2. Carefully read the coning degree determination method of the Standard Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 0983, understand and be familiar with the test method, test procedure and test requirements as described in the standard;
3. Prepare all kinds of test instruments and materials for the test according to the requirements stipulated in the standard;
4. Check the working state of the instrument to make it conform to the working environment and working conditions stipulated in the manual;
5. Check that the enclosure of the instrument should be in a good grounded state;
The external power line must have a good grounding end.
(2) Instrument installation
After unpacking the instrument, please check the accessories carefully. If there is any missing, please contact our company in time.
Observe the horizontal detecting device on the table of the needle penetration meter and adjust the horizontal adjusting pin of the needle penetration meter;
A water bath device is placed on the table of the instrument, and insulated silica gel pad is placed below the device. The inlet and outlet of the water bath device is connected with the inlet and outlet of the rear side of the main engine with a silica gel tube, and the water bath sensor plug is inserted into the sensor socket behind the main engine.
Insert the power cord;

Ii. Main technical parameters and indicators
1. Measurement range: 0 ~ 680 coning degree (0-60mm displayed in the digital display table);
2. Coning time control device:
The time can be set arbitrarily according to their own needs, and the time error is less than ±0.1 seconds;
3, resolution is 0.01㎜;
4. Needle insertion accuracy: ±1 degree of coning;
5. Temperature measuring range: 10 ~ 50 degrees (equipped with semiconductor cooling cycle device, which can be heated or refrigerated);
6. Temperature control accuracy: 25±0.1℃;
7. Temperature control mode: high-precision digital temperature controller, which can maintain a constant temperature up to 25 degrees as required by standards;
No. 8, no. 1 cone: Ⅰ cone quality + / - 0.05 g and 102.5 g supporting cone rod quality 47.5 g + / - 0.05 g;
Cone: 2 # Ⅱ cone quality + / - 0.025 g and 22.5 g supporting cone rod quality is 15 g + / - 0.025 g (optional)
Cone: 3 # Ⅲ cone, cone screw total mass is 9.38 g + / - 0.025 g (optional)
9. Lifting support: Double lifting adjusting mechanism of coarse adjustment and fine adjustment makes it easy for the needle tip to align with the sample plane;
10. Others: Equipped with cold light source, easy to use and operate.

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