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Automatic oil smoke point tester
Latest company news about Automatic oil smoke point tester

Automatic oil smoke point tester

latest company news about Automatic oil smoke point tester  0


ST123B Automatic oil smoke point tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the second automatic method of the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 20795 "Determination of smoke point of vegetable oil". It is suitable for the method specified in this standard. The instrument adopts single-chip microcomputer control technology, color LCD screen, all-Chinese man-machine dialogue interface, no identification keyboard; For pre-value of smoke point temperature, sample label, atmospheric pressure, test date and other parameters, with menu prompt, guided input function; The smoke point value of vegetable oil can be measured automatically and the experimental results can be displayed and printed automatically by using open and fuzzy integrated control software and modular structure design. The instrument is advanced in design, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate and use, accurate test results, is an ideal substitute for similar imported instruments, can be widely used in scientific research, universities, edible oil, industry and colleges, scientific research institutes, measurement and testing departments and other units for vegetable oil product smoke point detection and test.


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