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company news about Automatic measuring solution for lubricating oil moisture

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Automatic measuring solution for lubricating oil moisture
Latest company news about Automatic measuring solution for lubricating oil moisture

Automatic measuring solution for lubricating oil moisture

latest company news about Automatic measuring solution for lubricating oil moisture  0


Lubricating oil is mixed with water due to various reasons during storage, transportation, filling and use. Water is one of the main causes of lubricating oil pollution, the existence of water will make the oil emulsified metamorphism, reduce the viscosity of oil and oil film strength, damage the lubrication performance; Will make some additives decomposition precipitation, lose the role of lubricating oil; It will also promote the oxidation and deterioration of lubricating oil, increase oil sludge, and promote the corrosion of poor oil on parts [1]. In order to ensure the quality of lubricating oil products, prevent the performance of lubricating oil decline and lubrication failure due to excessive moisture, timely and accurate detection of water content in lubricating oil has very important significance.
According to GB/T 11133-2015 "Petroleum products, Lubricating oil and additives in the determination of water content Karl Fischer Coulomb titration method" determination of trace water in lubricating oil.
SH103 micro moisture tester adopts the principle of Karl Fischer Coulomb titration and microcomputer automatic control. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, it has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast electrolysis speed, short balance time, accurate blank deduction and accurate and reliable analysis results. It is a high quality analytical instrument for petroleum, chemical, electric power, environmental protection, medicine, scientific research and other departments. The instrument uses a 32-bit embedded microprocessor as the main control core, embedded in a mini-operating system; The instrument has constant current detection, double circuit balance titration function; The electrolytic cell adopts waterproof sealing design; Support multiple calculation formula, in line with standard GBT11133 and ASTMD 0304.
Technical parameters:
Karl - Fischer Coulomb method, the determination of trace moisture of different substances, is one of the most reliable method, in line with GB/T11133, the trace moisture tester successfully applied this method, and the use of microcomputer control, its analysis speed, high precision, LCD color screen Chinese display, automatic printing, double CPU design, Blank current automatic deduction function and instrument fault self-diagnosis, menu selection and other functions, to achieve better operation and use, with simple operation, automatic analysis instrument. It is an instrument for oil moisture analysis
Display mode: color touch screen display
Titration method: electric titration controlled by microcomputer
Output mode: automatic calculation, can output UG, PPM and %

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