Automatic determination of flash point of jet fuel oil

October 20, 2021
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Automatic determination of flash point of jet fuel oil

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Jet fuel is jet engine fuel, also known as aviation turbine fuel, is a light petroleum product.

It is mainly refined from kerosene distillate of crude oil, sometimes with additives, and can also be produced by hydrocracking of heavy distillate of crude oil. Wide fraction type (boiling point 60 ~ 280℃) and kerosene type (boiling point 150 ~ 315℃) two categories, widely used in all kinds of jet aircraft. Kerosene-based jet fuel is also known as aviation kerosene. Jet fuel production, which soared with the development of jet aircraft after World War II, has far surpassed aviation gasoline. In 1961 ~ 1962, China successfully trial-produced aviation kerosene with domestic crude oil and put it into production.

A variety of additives are often added to jet fuels to improve their performance, such as antioxidants, metal passivators, anti-icing agents, electrostatic dispersing agents and anti-wear lubricants (see Petroleum product additives).

Flash point is a very important index of fuel oil, and also an important index of oil safety. Fuel oil flash point, in general, is refers to under the condition of specific standards, will be fuel oil heated to a certain temperature, make its surface produced by the gas oil vapor coincided with the surrounding air to form can burn a mixture of gases, when using a standard test under the condition of fire source and the mixture of contact can produce instantaneous flash fire, when the temperature is called fuel oil flash point. It has the characteristics of flash and extinguish, that is, it can not make fuel oil sustained combustion. Through this definition, we can see that the flash point of fuel oil represents the risk degree of ignition of the fuel oil. The lower the flash point is, the more dangerous it is in the process of transportation. On the contrary, the higher the flash point is, the safer it is.

Fuel oil flash point detection can use SH105B closed flash point automatic tester determination, SH105B automatic closed flash point tester is the use of microcomputer technology, large screen LCD liquid crystal display. The instrument according to the standard method of heating, automatic lifting, automatic ventilation, automatic ignition, automatic display, automatic locking flash point value, automatic printing results. After the test, it can be cooled automatically, and the working process is fully automated. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable performance and simple operation. Widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, commodity inspection, scientific research and other departments.


Comply with ISO - 2719,ASTM D93, GB261-2008 standards