Automatic determination of diesel acidity

October 27, 2021
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Automatic determination of diesel acidity
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Acidity can reflect the influence of diesel acid (especially organic acid) on engine. In general, in the case of more acid and water, the oil supply parts are prone to corrosion, and there will be coking of the injector hole, carbon accumulation in the cylinder, and the piston wear of the fuel pump is larger.

Acidity was determined according to GB/T 258 method.

Description of method: volumetric method. In this method, the organic acids in light diesel oil are extracted with boiling ethanol and titrated with 0.05N potassium hydroxide ethanol solution while hot. The amount of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize 100 ml of petroleum products is called acidity.

SH108B Automatic acidity tester is designed and manufactured according to gB-T 264-1983 standard "Petroleum product acid value determination method" and GB-T 7599-1987 standard "transformer oil, Steam turbine oil acid value determination method (BTB) in operation", GB/T258 gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil acidity determination method. It adopts true color LCD touch screen full Chinese man-machine dialogue interface, menu oriented input, advanced technology, easy to operate. With automatic temperature control, automatic titration, automatic detection and automatic printing of test results, automatic cleaning and discharge of waste liquid, so that the whole process of testing automation. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, commodity inspection, scientific research and other departments.