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SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052

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SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052

SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052
SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052

Large Image :  SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Shengtai instrument
Model Number: SH102D
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 5500
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100+

SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052

Density Measurement Range: 0.0001 -1.9999g / Cm³ Density Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.005g / Cm3
Density Value Resolution: ± 0. 005g / Cm3 Constant Temperature Control: 20 ℃ ± 0.1 ℃ (can Be Customized At Any Temperature Between 15 ~ 35 ℃)
Sampling Volume: 2ml / Time
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SH102D Petroleum Density Meter


ASTM D4052 Petroleum Density Meter

SH102D Fully Automatic Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter (5/10000) ASTM D4052


The SH102D automatic constant temperature petroleum density meter is suitable for measuring liquid density and relative density. This method is based on the principle of different oscillation frequencies when the double U-shaped tube is filled with different media, which is in accordance with SH / T0640 GB / T2013-2010 and GB / T29617-2013. After the liquid to be measured is pumped into the resonant cylinder sensor, the single-chip computer performs measurement data processing, which is fast and direct, and has high sensitivity. It is composed of dual tuning fork density sensor, vibration tube circuit, temperature measurement circuit, CPU, display, constant temperature bath, liquid inlet pump and control panel. The liquid density meter can be widely used for the measurement of various liquid densities, and with different concentration conversion software, it can also directly read out the concentration value of the corresponding liquid, such as alcohol. Through the processing of the single-chip software, the volume concentration data can be directly read out , The test is more convenient.

Performance characteristics

1. Constant temperature control: Because the liquid density is greatly affected by temperature, the liquid density detected at real-time temperature should be converted to the liquid density at 20 ° C. The instrument is controlled by a constant temperature bath. The sensor, its components and the sample liquid are sealed in the constant temperature bath, the temperature of the oscillating tube (sample liquid) is detected by the temperature sensor, and the electronic component is controlled by the microcontroller to cool or heat, to ensure that the constant temperature bath The temperature is stable within 20 ℃ ± 0.1 ℃. This not only solves the trouble and error caused by the conversion, but also ensures the measurement accuracy, stability and repeatability of the instrument (the constant temperature value can be customized according to user requirements)

2. Directly display the density value of the liquid at 20 ℃, and there is a temperature display: the oscillation frequency of the sensor is detected by the single chip microcomputer, and the mathematical model of the relationship between the sensor frequency and the liquid density is used to find the density value of the liquid, and then the floating point calculation is performed. In this way, there will be no additional errors due to insufficient calculation digits in the calculation process, and the accuracy of the measurement results is guaranteed. The result of the density value calculated by the single-chip microcomputer is displayed through five digits, and there is a temperature display window.

3. Automatic sampling: the single-chip microcomputer is used to control the stepper motor to drive the peristaltic pump to suck the sample, which improves the degree of automation of the product

4. Acid and alkali resistant pipelines: The pipelines that are in direct contact with the liquid are imported acid and alkali resistant pipelines to ensure that the instrument can measure acid and alkali solutions.

5. Data storage and transmission: built-in storage chip, can store 80 sets of detection data, and can be recalled and deleted

6 Calibration function: When the instrument is not used for a long time, it will drift. This instrument can use 20 ℃ pure water as a standard to calibrate the instrument, which is a function that the glass density meter cannot achieve.

The main technical parameters
Density measurement range: 0.0001 -1.9999g / cm³

Density measurement accuracy: ± 0.005g / cm3

Density value resolution: ± 0. 005g / cm3

Constant temperature control: 20 ℃ ± 0.1 ℃ (can be customized at any temperature between 15 ~ 35 ℃)

Sampling volume: 2ml / time

Data storage: 80 groups

U-tube visual function: yes

Automatic sample detection function: Yes

Ambient temperature requirement: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

Power supply: 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1 Hz, 50VA

Dimensions: 206mm × 205mm × 200mm

Instrument weight: 3.2Kg


SH102D Constant Temperature Petroleum Density Meter ASTM D4052 0


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