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Significance of determination of water-soluble acid-base

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Significance of determination of water-soluble acid-base

July 19, 2021
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Significance of determination of water-soluble acid-base

There are water-soluble acid and alkali in petroleum products, which indicates that the acid is not completely neutralized or washed with water after alkali washing.
These mineral acids and bases can corrode the metal components in contact with them during production, use or storage.
Water-soluble acids corrode almost all metals strongly, while bases corrode only aluminum.
If there is water-soluble alkali in gasoline, under the action of it, the aluminum parts of the carburetor will generate colloid material of aluminum hydroxide, blocking the oil circuit, filter and nozzle.
The existence of water-soluble acid and alkali in oil will promote the aging of oil.
Because there are water-soluble acids and bases in the oil, the interaction of water and oxygen in the atmosphere and under the condition of heat will cause oil oxidation, gelation and decomposition over a long period of time.
So in the factory analysis of finished products, even if there is a very small amount of water-soluble acid and alkali, are considered unqualified, is not out of the factory.
The determination of water-soluble acid and alkali generally adopts GB/T259 "petroleum products water-soluble acid and alkali determination method", SH259C automatic wide range water-soluble acid and alkali tester (Shandong Shengtai Instrument Co., Ltd. R & D and production) is designed and made in strict accordance with this standard.
It is specially used for the determination of water-soluble acid (pH) in lubricating oil, gasoline, solvent oil and other petroleum products.
The instrument has a high degree of automation, only need to inject oil samples and water in accordance with the standard provisions, the instrument will be strictly in accordance with the standard provisions of the sequence of heating, oscillation, oil and water separation, display and print the pH measurement results.
The instrument improves working efficiency and testing accuracy while reducing the user's contact with samples and reagents.
No manual measurement, just put the sample in the sample cup, the instrument will automatically sample injection, heating oscillation, determination, drainage, display results and other processes.
Applicable to the measurement of liquid petroleum products, additives, grease, paraffin and wax-containing components of water-soluble acid, and widely used in petroleum, electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, commodity inspection, scientific research, environmental protection and other fields.

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