Shengtai products settled in Jingbo Chemical Research Institute

May 11, 2021
Latest company case about Shengtai products settled in Jingbo Chemical Research Institute

Shengtai products settled in Jingbo Chemical Research Institute

latest company case about Shengtai products settled in Jingbo Chemical Research Institute  0


With a total investment of 200 million yuan and a construction area of 20,000 square meters, the research building of Jingbo Chemical Research Institute in the Yellow River Delta was formally completed and put into use.

This is the largest R & D building in Binzhou.

It is understood that Yanyilou is affiliated to the Yellow River Delta Jingbo Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jingbo Holdings, which was established in 2011 and specialized in technology research and development.

Jingbo Chemical Research Institute of the Yellow River Delta has 9 research institutes with different research directions, including fine chemistry, biochemistry, polymer materials, sulfide, and project management.

Set up in Beijing, Shanghai, jinan and the department of research and development of center of three point one network, cooperate with 19 colleges and universities, scientific research institutes at home and abroad, set up 11 technology innovation alliance, committed to the petrochemical industry, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and intermediates, sulfide, industrial waste comprehensive utilization technology, technology innovation work in the field of organic microbe, etc.

As a small branch of the petrochemical industry, grease production in recent years is stable and rising. In 2006, the production of grease in mainland China increased from 297 million pounds in 2005 to 510 million pounds, accounting for almost one fourth of the total production of grease of 2.1 billion pounds in the world.

In order to develop higher performance varieties of grease, Jingbo Chemical has increased its investment in grease testing. After many investigations and comparisons, the perfect after-sales technical support and excellent cost performance of Shengtai products have become the main reasons for entering Jingbo Chemical Research Institute.

We have purchased automatic opening flash point meter, cone entry meter, grease evaporation loss meter, grease copper plate corrosion meter and other professional grease testing instruments from Shengtai Instrument.

We are very honored to cooperate with Jingbo Chemical Research Institute, and we will do our best to support the research and development of China's petrochemical industry as always!