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SH112H automatic countercurrent kinematic viscosity tester

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SH112H automatic countercurrent kinematic viscosity tester

March 23, 2022
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SH112H Automatic countercurrent kinematic viscosity tester


Most of the time we see a lot of fuel oil behind a 180CST or 380CST, the value behind this is we often say fuel oil (heavy oil) viscosity, CST is the viscosity unit.
Viscosity is a characteristic of all liquid oils. It reflects the interaction force between molecules in the process of oil movement. The greater the interaction force, the greater the viscosity and the worse the fluidity. Of course, the fluidity of fuel oil is not entirely determined by the viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil), it is also related to the pour point of fuel oil. The viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil) is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the better the fluidity of the oil, the smaller the viscosity. Therefore, the viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil) generally refers to the viscosity at a specific temperature.
There are many methods for measuring the viscosity of fuel oil (heavy oil). Now more and more countries are using a high accuracy, fast determination, sample size of the test method -- kinemative viscosity, that is, in line with GB/T11137 dark oil kinemative viscosity determination method and GB/T265 oil kinemative viscosity product type viscosity method.
SH112H Automatic countercurrent kinemastic viscosity tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the People's Republic of China standard GB/T11137 "Dark petroleum products kinemastic viscosity method" and SY2409 dark petroleum products kinemastic viscosity determination method. It is suitable for the determination of dark petroleum products and heavy oil.
Meet the standard: GB/T11137
Detection products: heavy oil, crude oil, dark oil and other petroleum products
Detection result: automatic printing results automatically

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