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Pharmacopoeia - Determination of peel strength

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Pharmacopoeia - Determination of peel strength

June 7, 2021
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Pharmacopoeia - Determination of peel strength

1. Test device
Tensile testing machine (ST103 pharmacopoeia 180° electronic peel testing machine) should make the damage load of the test product between 15% ~ 85% of the full standard load;
The error of force value should not be more than 1%.
The testing machine with a drop speed of 300mm/min±10mm/min continuous stripping speed;
A drawing device that can automatically record the stripping load shall be attached.
The test plate is a stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1.5 ~ 2.0mm, a width of 50mm±1mm and a length of 125mm±1mm.
The polyester film shall be 0.025mm in thickness according to JB1256-77 (6020 polyester film)
Film, about 110mm in length, width should be about 20mm larger than the test product.
2. Determination method
Before the test, paste, patch (together with packaging materials) should be placed at 18℃ ~ 25℃, relative humidity 40% ~
Leave for more than 2 hours under 70% condition.
The test product backing is fixed on the test board with double-sided tape. When necessary, tape can be used along the test product up and down
The side edge is fixed so that the test product is fitted to the plate smoothly.
The adhesive surface of the test product is bonded to the clean polyester film, and then 2000g pressure roller is used on the test product
Roll back three times to ensure no bubbles exist at the joint.
After sticking, the test product should be placed at room temperature for 20 ~
Experiment after 40 minutes.
Fold the free end of the polyester film in half (180°), and clamp the free end of the film and the test plate up and down respectively
Test machine.
The peel surface should be consistent with the testing machine line.
The testing machine was 300mm/min±10mm/min
The falling speed is continuously peeled, and the peeling curve is drawn by the automatic recorder.
3. Result judgment
The peel strength shall be in accordance with the provisions of each variety.
The 180° peel strength σ (kN/m) of the test product is calculated as follows:

In the formula, S is the area within the value range of the recording curve, mm2;
L is the length within the value range of the recording curve, mm;
B is the actual width of the test product, mm;
C is the load per unit height of the recording paper, kN/m.
The test results are expressed as the arithmetic mean of the peel strength.
ST103 pharmacopoeia 180° electronic peel testing machine in strict accordance with the new 2015 Chinese pharmacopoeia "0952 adhesion determination method" 180 degrees peel strength method requirements and design using modern mechanical design concept and ergonomics design criteria, the use of advanced microcomputer processing technology for careful and reasonable design,
Is a novel design, easy to use, excellent performance, beautiful and generous new generation of testing machine.
The sample is clamped between the two chucks of the clamp, the two chucks do relative movement, through the force sensor located in the moving chuck head and the machine built-in displacement sensor, the change of force value and displacement in the test process is collected, so as to automatically calculate the 180 degree peel strength of the sample.


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