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Mechanical properties of glass microspheres

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Mechanical properties of glass microspheres

December 29, 2021
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Mechanical properties of glass microspheres




Glass microspheres are used in a wide range of applications, such as medical applications, cancer radiotherapy, drug delivery, proppants in the petroleum industry, and even in the nuclear industry. Glass microspheres can be obtained by a variety of methods and the product performance will depend on the production process chosen. Therefore, it is of great experimental significance to develop a simple technique to analyze the mechanical behavior of groups of glass microspheres and to correlate the obtained mechanical property values with the production process

ST-Z16 microsphere measuring instrument produced by Shengtai Instrument mainly includes host, special software, camera and accessories. Its basic structure is generally composed of a mechanical device that can produce deformation effect on the sample, a container for holding the sample and a recording system that records the force, time and deformation rate. The test focuses on the distance, time and force to test and analyze the results, the results have high sensitivity and objectivity, and can be equipped with special software to accurately quantify the results, to evaluate the sample objectively and comprehensively.

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